Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 17th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins offevolved with Mirza forcing Inaam and Zoya to look at at night time and now no longer allowing them to sleep. Kids say he’s doing incorrect and have to allow them to look at on their very own if he needs properly marks from them. He keeps scolding them. Sakina takes over and forces youngsters next. Next morning, Shanti teaches Guddu and forces him to look at. Sakina asks inquiries to Inaam all through breakfast and he forgets answers. Shanti feeds candy curd to her youngsters earlier than they go away for examination whilst Sakina and Mirza display holy smoke to them and advise the way to write examination. Mishra additionally offers gyaan to his youngsters.

In the afternoon, Shanti informs Sakina that she goes to marketplace withinside the night to shop for items for youngsters as she is certain they may win prizes in college, so she have to serve tea to Mishra in her absence. Sakina says her Zoya will win prize as a substitute. Shanti says its her creativeness and asks what approximately Inaam. Sakina says Inaam will come 2d as she has much less wish on him. Shanti says her all three youngsters will come first for certain as they look at in distinctive classes. Next day, Mishra calls his youngsters and deliver them bouquets informing that they got here first. Shanti says media has come to take their interview. BBC interviews them and takes them apart farfar from Mishra. Bittu walks to Mishra and insults him. Shanti slaps him. Mishra bears slap and wakes up revealing Shanti changed into dreaming and hit him as a substitute. Shanti says she slapped Bittu as a substitute in dream and dreamt of all her three youngsters triumphing rose bouquets. She asks Mishra to carry her tea as she can not sleep till she sees her youngsters’s bouquets.

Next morning, Mirzas and Mishras look ahead to youngsters to go back to from college and eagerly test their marks sheet. They get stunned seeing them scoring handiest 35% and scold them. Brij and Noor say they did a sin through forcing youngsters motivated through others. Mirza says youngsters analyze through looking others. Brij scolds them that they can not pressure their wondering on their youngsters and youngsters’s day is well known for the same. Noor says they have to make youngsters robust and now no longer observe others as all people are distinctive.

Kids express regret Noor and Brij. Pappu enters together along with his nephew Rahul keeping flower bouquet and name callings Mirza and Mishra that their youngsters couldn’t satisfy their wish, however his nephew continually wins prize. Brij says he have to ask Rahul what he is going via to get 1st rank. Bittu says they have to educate their youngsters first and now no longer hassle approximately Rahul. Rahul receives indignant that he got here first in unit check after sacrificing his play time. Bittu apologizes him. Shanti and Sakina additionally express regret their youngsters for forcing them seeing Rahul. Kids additionally express regret Rahul. Rahul says his mom used to scold him now no longer come to be like Bittu and look at well, he changed into beneathneath monstrous pressure. Mirza and Mishra say all youngsters are unique and that they want now no longer fear approximately marks. They all dance on Poora London Thumakda and cheer up.

Precap: No precap.


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