Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 15th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins offevolved with Mirza getting Chintu’s image in Sakeena’s cell. Shanti asks him to reveal her Chintu’s image. Mirza says he’ll at once deliver Chintu in the front of him and walks away. Happy Singh/Mishra holds his ft and plead to shop his dignity. Mirza wobbles. Happy takes Sakeena’s cell and seeing a few different guy returns it and says he’ll cross now. Mirza asks why become he apologizing him. Happy says he were given his cell via way of means of mistake, returns it, and walks away. Mirza says Mishra’s buddies also are reasonably-priced like him.

Bittu meets Majnu again. Majnu offers him a chit. Bittu receives glad questioning its Nikki’s love letter for him. Majnu says its a grocery listing and offers him an extended listing again. Bittu asks if Nikki eats so much, he’ll verify himself with her. Majnu receives afraid and attempts to forestall him. Bittu leaves after a chunk of his jokergiri. Majnu receives tensed questioning his lies might be uncovered and calls Ashiq for help.

Mirza brings Chintu who’s a 50+ bald and malnourished guy. Shanti asks if that is Chintu, love is blind. Mirza says its deaf also. Shanti asks if Chintu become giving CA exam. He says he’s given that years. Shanti asks if he’ll marry Nikki. Chintu thankfully agrees. Shanti calls Nikki who says this bizarre person isn’t always her Chintu and walks away. Chintu says he simply has diabetes, hypertension, pneumonia, etc. Mirza says if he attempts, he can byskip this global itself and sends him away. Bittu watches hiding. Mirza thinks who’s actual Chintu then and apologizes Shanti for bringing incorrect Chintu. After sometime, Nikki recites unhappy shayari. Shanti asks her to overlook Chintu. Nikki says she can not as Chintu become very good-looking and lots of women had been mad at the back of him. Shanti says person is maximum important, perhaps her boyfriend is good-looking and its now no longer essential he is a great husband, she offers instance of her unwell destiny after marrying Mishra. Happy walks farfar from there fuming.

Mirza calls his pal and asks why did he ship unique Chintu’s image. Friend says he took revenge for insulting him and says he gave haveli’s deal with to actual Chintu . Mirza thank you him and asks if he is prepared to promote his cell again. Friend angrily disconnects call. Back at haveli, Nikki clashes with Happy and falls in his love. At night, Bittu enters Nikki’s room. Nikki false impression him as Happy asks him to jot down down what’s in his heart. He writes down that he loves her, does she love him. She reads and says yes. Bittu greatly surprised walks away maintaining his hand.

Next morning, Shanti asks Mirza if he determined actual Chintu. Mirza says Chintu himself will go to them soon. Happy thinks even this time Mirza will deliver a few faux Chintu. Shanti receives glad and informs Nikki that her Chinut is coming to fulfill her. Nikki says she loves a person else now. Happy receives glad and says he’s pleased with her, she ought to have decided on a greater good-looking guy than Chintu. Nikki says she desires to marry him. Happy denies and runs away. Shanti takes oath to get them married at any cost. Happy as Mishra calls Shanti and says they can not get Nikki married to Happy as Happy isn’t always a very good guy. Shanti says she has determined that Nikki will marry Happy and has constant their engagement in 2 days, if now no longer she can be able to extrade her bindi. Mishra thinks Shanti herself is inviting her sautan.

Precap: No precap.


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