Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 12th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins offevolved with Sakina telling Inaam and Zoya that they don’t paintings, so they observe in school. Inaam asks what does you do? Sakina says residence paintings. Zoya says essential paintings is completed through Abbu. Sakina scolds Zoya. Shanti additionally scolds her youngsters and says you didn’t come first even once. She praises Rahul to be the topper always. Shanti asks them to win the bouquet on children’s day. Adi says very good. Mishra scolds them and asks them to observe well. Guddu says he’s going to try. Shanti says your Papa may be very irritated and desired you to observe. Adi says it’s far night time now.

Inaam tells Adi and others that he’s bored with listening to Rahul’s praises. Adi says even he. They assume how their fathers will educate him differently. Mishra and Mirza deliver lathis with them. Guddu says my frame can’t undergo this. They run and hide. Mirza peels the cane and thinks to make youngsters have sugar cane juice. Zoya says what they idea. The youngsters inform that they have got to observe 2 hours extra. Guddu says we must transfer off the lights. Inaam says we will make Rahul run from right here. Adi asks how? Zoya says Rahul has no friend, whom to invite. Inaam says all people is fearful of ghost, we are able to scare him. Noorjahan comes there maintaining the candle. They get scared and shout. Noorjahan laughs and asks them to pay attention on studies.

Mirza offers instance of well-known personalities and asks them to observe in candle light. Inaam says we are able to observe tomorrow. Mirza boasts approximately going to some distance away school, after which shifted to different school. Sakina says it’s far much. She asks them to take Rahul’s instance. Inaam says how we are able to observe in darkness. Mirza suggests the candles. Mishra additionally teaches the youngsters and asks them to examine aloud. Adi asks him approximately Pseudopodia. Mishra asks what’s it and asks him to invite this later. He asks him to take Maths book. He appears at Shanti and holds her hand. Shanti hits him and tells that it changed into mosquito. She asks him to deliver almond milk for them. Mishra is going.

Sakina and Shanti come to shop for vegetable. Inspector comes there and slaps the vegetable seller, and asks for the fine. Rahul comes there and asks why is he soliciting for fine. Inspector says polythene is banned and this man is promoting greens in it. Inspector asks him to go. Rahul says it’s far manufactured from non generable reassets and additionally chargeable for weather changes. Inspector says yes. Rahul asks him to replace his expertise and says executive has banned the plastic luggage that’s much less than 50 microns. He says this plastic bag is greater than that. Inspector says can be and is going from there. Sakina and Shanti are surprised. Sakina says can be he’s Bittu’s nephew. Shanti says he’s clever.

Shanti scolds the youngsters and made her youngsters take a seat down to observe. Adi calls Inaam and tells the equal aspect to him. Inaam says Ammi jaan is praising Rahul, we must do something. Adi says yes. Sakina scolds Inaam and Zoya, and asks approximately the song. Zoya sings the song. Sakina asks shall I slap you. Inaam performs with bat and ball and tells that he’s on break. Adi says we idea we got here right here for plan. Zoya says we could assume what to do. Adi says Mummy will undertake Rahul and tells that she is praising him a lot. Inaam says we will scared him through appearing as ghost, and shall invite him right here. Zoya says who will invite Rahul. Inaam says the guys of the residence.

Guddu involves the kitchen and praises Shanti. Shanti says in case you come first then I will boom your play time. Adi says we can’t as our pals circle isn’t good. Shanti asks them to observe. They inform that they need to befriend Rahul. Shanti says I will provide 10 Rs and asks them to make him devour chocolate. They insists to name him home. Shanti says I will make meals for him.

Inaam and Adi come to Bittu’s residence. They name Rahul. Bittu comes out and asks why did they come? Inaam says ship Rahul. Bittu says Rahul is making ready for IAS and asks him to inform why he got here. Inaam praises Bittu and says Rahul is staying with you and could analyze your qualities. Adi says yes. Bittu receives glad and calls Rahul. Inaam thinks he’s going to overlook all his English.

The episode ends.


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