Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 11th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins offevolved with Shanti and Sakina tempting Dr. Koode with kaju katli candy and announcing they have got four greater plates for him if he does what they say. Koode consents and walks to Bittu. Bittu asks him to inform financial institution officials Manav and Adil who’s Mirza and Mishra. Kooode factors at Mirza and says he’s Mishra and Mishra is Mirza. Bittu scolds if he has long past mad. Koode says he isn’t and alerts officials that Bittu is mad. Mishra asks them now no longer to agree with Bittu as he’s mad. Bittu receives adamant and calls BBC. Shanti and Sakeena tempt him with cash and he additionally misidentifies Mirza and Mishra. Bittu receives pissed off and runs in the back of Bittu with chair. Manav and Adil give way injuring their legs and plead Mirza and Mishra to allow them to relaxation of their haveli for two days. Mishra and Mirza get tensed and ask every different to preserve them of their house. Manav says he’ll live with Mishra and Adam will live with Mirza to reduce burden on one family.

Sakina and Shanti serves dishes to Adam and Manav. They ask how they do talk to Brij and Noor. Shanti says they each are professional in signal language and have been instructor in a signal language school. Adam says they have been supervisor in a sing language schools. Manav speaks to them in signal language. Brij and Noor reply. Adam says this isn’t signal language. Sakeena says the are professional in Chinese signal language. Shanti praises her answer, asks them to have tea, and takes Brij and Noor along. Mirza and Mishra get worn-out cooking and complain. Sakina and Shati tell them that Manav and Adam need to listen gayatri mantra and ayatal kursi from them. Shanti recites gayatri mantra at the same time as Shanti recites ayatal kursi. Mirza and Mishra give an explanation for their that means.

Next morning, Bittu calls Ashis and Majnu and says Mirza and Mishra insulted him a lot, so he’ll now no longer sleep till he’s taking revenge. They ask how will he. He asks them to discover in which their youngsters are. Shanti sings bhajn at the same time as praying idol at the same time as Shanti sings naat. After sometime, their youngsters go back and ask why they have got exchanged t4heir identifies and carrying every different’s clothes. Bittu tells Manav and Adil that he instructed them already. They say they knew as they’re nicely experienced. Bittu asks then why have been they losing time. Manav says they wouldn’t have realize that a subject clad guy can recite gayatri mantra and tilak clad guy can recite ayatal kursi. They request to preserve communal concord and deliver 2 hundred rs cheque announcing Ramesh’s grandfatehr deposited sixteen annas 70 years in the past and it compounded to 2 hundred rs. Bittu jokes on them and leaves. Mirza says he felt as though he became explaining that means of ayatul kursi at the same time as reciting gayatri mantra. Mishra says he used to hate topi however felt as a crown. Brij says all routes visit equal place, they must determine whether or not they need to stay non violent or maintain to fight. Mishra fixes subject matter on Guddu’s scalp at the same time as Mirza applies tilak on Inam’s forehead.

Precap: No precap.


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