Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai

Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 11th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

The episode begins with Mirza and Mishra confronting troubles lying in not entirely settled to get their spouses cook their number one dishes. They figure they won’t twist before their spouses at any expense. They feel warm without fans because of summer and stroll inside house. Sakina and Noor while eating inquire as to whether he will have food, for what reason did he pitch fit then. Mirza says he won’t ever move and requests that Sakina plan tangdi kabab. Noor requests that he figure out how to act. He says he is same. Sakina denies to get ready tangdi kabab then. Mishra leaves picking a fan.

Mishra additionally attempts to circumvent taking a fan from home. Guddu stops him and cautions Shanti and Brij. Shanti inquires as to for what reason is he stelaing fan. Mishra says he got it last year and has a bill. Brij requests that he stop his baffonery. Mishra requests that he request that Shanti get ready kadhi pakoda then and leaves holding the fan.

Kids inconvenience Mishra and Mirza by tossing counterfeit snakes on them while they are sound sleeping. Mishra and Mirza dream about Shanti and Sakina feeling the snakes and afterward alarm seeing snakes. Kids feel cheerful reasoning they got payback from Mirza and Mishra for alarming their moms. Mirza and Mishra attempt to shoo away the snakes with stick and acknowledge snakes have previously gone. They then rest in same tent talking about how their spouses inconvenience them. Sakina and Shanti smolder hearing them and decide to show them a thing or two.

Next morning, Bittu and his group awaken Mishra and Mirza and inquire as to whether they are prepared to darken their appearances. Mishra says they haven’t acknowledged rout yet. Bittu says he ought to acknowledge rout as Sakina won’t move for his requests. Mishra reprimands him and passes on requesting Ashiq to clean his tent. Bittu and his group proceed with their arrangement. Noor demands Mishra to explain why he is inflexible to have tangdi kabab. Mishra is going to let truth know when she gets extreme knee torment. He is sorry god for attempting to uncover the mystery and leaves. Brij demands Shanti to address Mishra and figure out their disparities. Shanti denies. Mishra requests that she get ready kadi pakoda then, at that point.


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