Attention! SBI customers on the target of hackers, committing fraud in the name of redeeming credit points

New Delhi : With the rise of net banking and digital transactions, online fraud cases are also increasing. Hackers are committing online fraud by adopting different methods.

State Bank of India (SBI) has issued an alert to its customers to avoid cyber fraud. In fact, many customers of SBI have been made victims of phishing scams by hackers. Hackers sent suspicious text messages to many people requesting them to redeem SBI credit points worth Rs 9,870.

According to the State Bank, the target of hackers are people especially from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Ahmedabad. On clicking the e-mail sent by hackers, users reach a fake website. After this, on giving information about personal or bank account on this fake website, they may have to face huge financial loss.

Actually, when the user gives his personal information to the hackers then it becomes easy for them to gain access to their bank account. In such a situation, the bank account of the user can also be empty.

How do hackers cheat

Hackers send a text message to SBI customers.
A link is also given in this message.
You are asked to click on this link.
Clicking the link opens a fake website
In this fake website, there is an option of State Bank of India Fill Your Details form.
Users are asked to fill this form. In this, sensitive financial details such as card number, expiry date, CVV and Mpin are asked to be shared.
According to the report of Delhi-based think tank Cyberpiece Foundation and Autobot Infosec Private Limited, personal information is sought on this fake website which includes details like registered mobile number, email, email password and date of birth. According to the report, the domain name of this website can be sourced in India and the person who registers it can be related to Tamil Nadu.

Founden has said that according to SBI, they never establish contact with their customers through SMS or email. In which there are links in relation to the account of the users.


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