A new political turn has come here in front of the Lucknow Legislative Assembly in connection with the attempt of self-immolation of the lady of Maharajganj. In this case, party workers came to a boil on the notice of the arrest of former District President of Congress and State President of Scheduled Castes Department Alok Prasad in Lucknow on charges of abetting self-immolation.

Demonstrating the release of Alok Prasad with the poster in hand, the activists going to the district headquarters were stopped by the police personnel near Sahuji’s idol, then they sat on a dharna on the road itself. Demanded an investigation in the case of a woman who attempted self-immolation in front of the Assembly, demanding the release of the Congress leader. State Vice President of Congress Virendra Chaudhary and District President Avnish Pal sitting on the strike said that the state president of Scheduled Castes Department Alok Prasad is being falsely implicated. Lucknow police arrested him without any warrant. These leaders made several allegations against the Sadar MLA and demanded an inquiry.

Police Cantonment headquarter, Joint Magistrate and CO handled Front ; Maharajganj Police is refusing to speak anything in the matter of arrest of Congress leader in case of abetting Maharajganj woman to suicide in Lucknow. However, the Congress workers got a glimpse of it in the morning. After this he started gathering at the party office. On this information, the force of several police stations including Ghughli was called as a precaution. Police personnel led by Joint Magistrate / SDM Sadar Sai Teja Seelam, CO Raju Kumar Sawa, stopped the workers near Sahuji’s statue on the information of the Congress workers reaching the headquarters. At the same time, the workers returned by giving memorandum after picketing.



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