Italy’s ambassador to the Congo was assassinated on Monday. The incident occurred while he was traveling to Congo in a UN convoy. It has been reported from the Italian government that three people, including Luca Atanasio, were murdered in Goma. They were traveling in a convoy of the UN Stabilization Mission in Congo.

Sources in Kinshasa said that Luca Atanasio, who was injured in an attack on a convoy of the Word Food Program near Goma, died. An army spokesman in North Kivu province said two other people were also killed in the attack. These are the envoy’s bodyguards and their drivers.

The death of Luca Atanasio has also been confirmed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and said that the Italian policeman has also died. Atanasio, who was appointed in the DRC in 2018, had bullets in his stomach. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but succumbed during treatment. The DRC army has said that a search operation is on in search of the attackers.


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