Atrocities In Thalassery CPIM Intervened To Release Accused BJP: BJP alleges that CPIM intervened to release the accused in the violence against the child in Thalassery. PK Krishna Das alleged that pressure from top CPIM leaders was behind the release of the accused at night. The Home Department stands with the poachers.
BJP district president N said that AN Shamsir intervened in the case. Haridas alleged. (Atrocities in Thalassery; CPIM intervened to release accused; BJP).

BJP district president V.V. said that an attempt is being made to implement the wishes of the CPIM leaders by appointing puppets as the head of the corporation. Rajesh alleged. The news coming from Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Council is shocking to the community’s conscience. For the last 30 years, those who are CPM are being hired as contract workers, leaving aside the talented ones. Those who get jobs like this go to party events. Therefore, there is no one to work with.

The CPI(M) is turning the Municipal Corporation into a center for killing party criminals. The party gets a monthly salary from such appointments. They are taking action to cheat by bringing puppets to the head of the corporation. It is doubtful that the district secretary of CPIM has not changed. Bribes are being received from many sources. This is the reason why the positions remain unchanged.

The mayor committed a breach of oath. The governing body should be dissolved. BJP is embarking on a strong agitation. The letter should be sent to the mayor or prepared to file a complaint. Residents of Thiruvananthapuram have the right to know who sent the letter. VV Rajesh also clarified that the CPIM state secretary and DYFI should reply to this.

Mayor Arya Rajendran sent a letter to the CPIM district secretary regarding the vacancies in the Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation and the mayor and the CPIM district secretary are at loggerheads. CPIM district secretary Anavoor Nagappan also responded that no letter has been sent to anyone and Mayor Arya Rajendran has not received the letter either.

The mayor says he was not in Thiruvananthapuram on the date of the letter. The party is investigating the letter controversy. Arya Rajendran said that he will give an official response after consulting the party leadership.

CPIM District Secretary Anavoor Nagappan says that he has not received the letter and has not discussed any of these matters with the Mayor. Can respond after searching regarding this.
The party has never seen such a letter. The party is taking the incident seriously. He also stated that there has been no such accusation against the party till now.

VK Prashanth said that there is nothing wrong in informing the party leadership that there are vacancies in the municipal council. But the appointment is not made on the list of the leadership. Former Mayor VK Prashanth said that the appointments are not made on the basis of any letter and the allegations are baseless.

The controversy arose when the mayor sent a letter to CPIM district secretary Anavoor Nagappan asking for the priority list of party members for the vacancies. Arya Rajendran’s letter is out. The mayor has requested through a priority list letter to make an appointment to the health department of the municipality. The letter addressed to Mayor Arya Rajendran points out that there are 295 vacancies.

The list was sought from Mayor Anavoor Nagappan for the appointment of daily wage workers. The mayor asked the CPIM district secretary for the priority list of the party members including for the posts of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. The letter is addressed to Anavoor Nagappan as Comrade on the Mayor’s official letter pad. A copy of the letter was also circulated in CPIM WhatsApp groups. The truth of the incident can be understood only by checking whether the letter is fake.


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