Trying to remove the wrong charge:Demand to abolish the charge levied for not withdrawing money from ATM

Atm Cash Stuck: Money Stuck In The Middle While Withdrawing From Atm? What Is The Solution, Did Cash Get Stuck In A Bank Atm? Here’s How To Solve The Problem: Many people go to ATMs to withdraw money. Due to some reasons, the money comes out and gets stuck in it. The account will be debited.

Many people go to ATMs to withdraw money. For some reason, the money comes out and gets stuck. The account will be debited. A man named Kumar, who works in a Delhi-based company, recently got tense when his money got stuck in a State Bank of India (SBI) ATM. The money was debited from the account but the withdrawn amount remained in the ATM. He did not get it. It is already 7 pm. Banks are closed. What to do the next morning visited the bank with the ATM slip. He said that the money stuck in the ATM gets credited to the account after 5-7 days. While withdrawing money from an ATM, it is natural that various problems arise. Sometimes a server goes down and your money stops online. Sometimes, when the money comes out of the ATM, it remains in the shutter. Similar problems can be faced while withdrawing money from ATMs. And let’s find out what is the solution to these problems.

  1. What to do when money is stuck in an ATM?: If the cash gets stuck in the middle of the machine shutter there is nothing you can do immediately except gently pull it out to get it out. If you try to pull out the money forcefully, the notes will tear. You can try another withdrawal to get the ATM machine running again. Bank staff says that if you do that, there is a chance of getting money. If the money is not received, inform the bank branch immediately.
  2. Complain to the bank: When faced with such problems, a complaint should be made at the respective bank branch. You should inform the bank staff of the date and time of withdrawal. Take a screenshot of the transaction message sent to your mobile. Be sure to keep the receipt of the entire debt. Create digital records of your bank statements. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has also issued some guidelines regarding this situation. By following these, you will get your money. According to these guidelines, banks have to return the money within a week. Otherwise, you can approach Banking Ombudsman. If you do not get any reply from the bank within 30 days then you have to pay 100 rupees per day to the bank.
  3. What to do if ATM is stuck and not working?: If your debit card gets stuck in the ATM and problems arise, you have to immediately block the card and apply for a new card in the bank. There are several ways to apply for a new card. You can apply through mobile banking or net banking. This can also be done by calling customer care or visiting your local bank branch.
  4. What to do if the card is not inserted correctly into the ATM machine?: Some people do not know how to insert a card in an ATM machine. If the card is inserted incorrectly it can get stuck in the ATM. So make sure the transaction is canceled first. Most ATMs now have a button under the card slot. You just tap the card to remove it. Inform the bank if there is no such button in the ATM. A stuck card can be retrieved. Call the bank’s 24×7 helpline for such complaints. Explain the problem.


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