Health Tips: Learn why Frozen Food can cause serious harm to your health

Astrology Tips: Eating Is Not The Only Thing, How You Eat Is Also Important: Our body needs food a lot..? How much are we eating? How to eat..? Our Sanatana Dharma also tells us what to do while eating. But now let’s know how to eat.

Food is a basic need of every human being. It is the food that we eat at certain times. Meals are usually taken in the afternoon and evening. But many rules and traditions related to living life are mentioned in Sanatana Dharma. Despite the passage of centuries, millions of people still follow the rules and traditions. The reason for this is that even after such a long time, these regulations have maintained their relevance and are a guide for the people. Today we will learn about the 5 rules of the diet. Those who follow these rules of diet lead a healthy life.

Similarly, while eating food, the stomach should not be full. Health experts suggest that we should eat only as much food as we need, no matter how tasty it is. A quarter of the stomach should always be kept empty. Naturally, most people tend to drink more water when they are hungry. Doing so is not good for health. If you have to drink water while eating, drink only a small amount of water. Experts suggest that you should not drink water half an hour before meals and half an hour after meals.

Do not take 3 rotis at a time

In Sanatana Dharma, the number 3 is considered inauspicious in any auspicious work. It is said that eating food is also such an auspicious act. So, when you are serving food to someone, do not serve them 3 rotis at a time. But give them 2 or 4 rotis. By doing this, the food gets to the body. Health is normal. This saves the doctor’s expenses.

Never wash your hands on a plate of food

Do not wash your hands on the plate after eating. It is considered against etiquette. If you do, the water from which you washed your hands may end up on the next person’s plate.

Chant this mantra before meals

Recite the food mantra before you start eating the food. By doing this, the food enters our body and we become healthy. So, whenever you sit down to eat, don’t forget to give thanks to God. By whose blessings you will live your life auspiciously.

Do not leave food on the food plate

Wasting food is wrong in Sanatana Dharma. Serve as much food as we eat. Keeping more food than necessary.. then not eating it spoils it. Not only that, it can be said that wasting food is a great sin.

Eat food sitting on the floor

Some eat while standing. Eating while sitting increases the chances of accumulation of fat in our body and acidity problems. The scriptures say to eat while sitting on the floor. By doing this, the earth’s positive waves enter our body through the feet. Give the body healthy and positive energy.


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