A mile-wide asteroid will pass through the Earth in March. It has been dubbed ‘potentially dangerous’ by NASA. This asteroid is twice the size of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. An asteroid named 231937 (2001 fo 32) is unlikely to hit the Earth, as it would be 1.2 million miles away from the planet, about five times farther than the Moon.

It is being told that on March 21, it will reach close to our planet at around four in the morning. In the future, it may hit the planet of the solar system at any time, because it is dangerous. At the moment, experts have ruled out any such possibility of hitting the Earth.

Will be able to see with binoculars: Just
a little above the southern horizon, just after sunset on March 21 it will be possible to see it through an eight-inch aperture telescope. Let us tell you that this asteroid was first discovered in New Mexico in 2001.

What happens is asteroid –
Small celestial bodies revolving around the sun are called ‘asteroids’. They are found mainly in the ‘Asteroid Belt’ between Mars and Jupiter. However, due to their passing through the earth many times, it is also possible to suffer significant losses.

Giant Size – Burj
Khalifa: 2720 ft –
Shanghai Tower: 2073 ft –
‘2010NY 65 ‘: 1017 ft –
Statue of Liberty: 310 ft –
Qutb Minar: 240 ft


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