Children's initiative in schools to be seen again in UP, schools from class 6th to 8th will open tomorrow

Assam Government Announces Decision To Abolish 8 Thousand School Teacher Posts:  The movement of Raj teachers continues to demand recruitment. In this situation, the BJP government of Assam took a more strict decision. The Himanta Biswa Sarma government is taking steps to eliminate the posts of permanent teachers from state schools. About 8 thousand permanent posts are being abolished. As soon as this decision of the state government came to the fore, the opposition moved against it. However, the Assam government’s argument in this context is that many people are working on a contract basis under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. So there is no need for a permanent appointment.

According to news agency sources, Assam Education Minister Manoj Pegu has said that 11 thousand 206 teachers are currently working in the lower and upper primary on a contractual basis in the state. In 2020, the state government has fixed their salary and other benefits as per permanent jobs. The service tenure has also been increased to 60 years. Therefore, a decision has been taken to maintain economic neutrality by leaving 8,000 permanent posts vacant. He also said that there will be no recruitment in those 8 thousand permanent vacancies. At least until the contractual teachers retire, those 8 thousand paths will remain empty. It has been decided to abolish those posts for the time being to maintain economic order.

Other political parties, including the Congress, are opposing this decision of the BJP-led government in Assam. Various student organizations have come out in opposition. They claim that this decision of the state government is against the interest of the schools where the local language is the medium of instruction. Assam National Assembly President Lurinjyoti Gogoi claims that this decision to abolish permanent posts is a sign of short-sightedness. It is against the education system of the country. He further said, “Such a conspiracy by the government against local regional language schools is outdated. The decision to give up thousands of permanent posts is a constitutional matter. This decision is not acceptable in any way.”

Government letters for the abolition of the post of permanent teachers have reached all concerned. State Education Secretary Vijaya Chowdhury also informed the decision by writing to the Accountant General of Assam. Ordered to abolish permanent posts. 4,285 vacancies in Lower Primary and 3,715 in Upper Primary are being abolished. Aminul Islam, organizing general secretary of All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF), expressed his anger, “Instead of providing employment to the youth, the BJP government is taking away the job opportunities from them. The condition of state schools is very unfortunate. According to the ratio of national education policy, there is no balance in the number of students and teachers. More recruitment is required.”

Shankarjyoti Barua, general secretary of All Assam Students Union, said that the real aim of the BJP government in the state is to give up regional language schools. In this decision, Assamese, Bodo and other regional languages ​​will be taught in government schools in Assam. Assamese is taught in 500 schools in the state. There are no teachers. We demand the withdrawal of this decision.”


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