In the film industry, Ashok Kumar’s name is taken with respect and respect. He was among the first to come from Bengal to work in Mumbai films. He started working in Hindi cinema and made his mark. Ashok Kumar was a very talented personality. But before coming to the movies, Ashok Kumar used to be a lab assistant. On Ashok Kumar’s birthday, let us know some things about him.

Ashok Kumar was born on 13 October 1911 in Bhagalpur. Before appearing in films, Ashok Kumar used to work as a lab assistant. But later he decided to make a career in films. Ashok Kumar’s younger brothers Kishore Kumar and Anoop Kumar were also actors. When Ashok Kumar came into the industry, speaking films had just started. His acting and style were liked and directors started bringing films to him. After this Dadamuni’s car started moving. 

Ashok Kumar’s career has been 6 decades long. The work that the actor has done in the industry is probably not a matter of everyone. Talking about Ashok Kumar’s popular films, it includes Jeevan Naiya, Untouchable Girlfriend, Luck, Mahal, Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi, Misguided Chitralekha, Aashirvad, Chhoti Baat, Mili, Anand Ashram, Khatta Meetha, Beautiful, Fond, Mr. India and mine Movies like son-in-law are included. Ashok Kumar was not just an actor. He was also a singer and had also learned tabla. Apart from this, one of his art always remained underrated. He was also a good painter. Apart from this, he also practiced homeopath. 

Died at age 90

The actor’s last film was Aankhen Mein Tum Ho which was released in the year 1997. On 10 December 2001, the actor died at the age of 90.


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