Arya Rajendran: No Letter Was Given To The District Secretary Of CPIM, The Incident Came To Know Through The Media: Thiruvananthapuram Corporation Mayor Arya Rajendran has come to know through the media that a letter is being circulated regarding the appointment to various posts in the Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Health Department. No such letter was issued in his capacity as mayor or from the mayor’s office. There is no custom of giving such a letter. (Arya Rajendran reacts to municipal appointment controversy).

It appears that the letter was delivered on a day when the mayor was not present. Detailed information can be found only through inquiry. It is officially happening. Some people have made many attempts to disparage the municipality and the mayor. When all those efforts fail, they come up with a new strategy.

The municipality and the governing body intend to proceed with legal action against such false propaganda. Not only this, but the mayor also stated that after noticing such an allegation, the municipality has decided to cancel the appointment to these posts and then make the appointment through employment.

Opposition youth organizations protested the Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation after the Mayor’s controversial letter came out. Youth Congress and Yuva Morcha were pushed into the municipal council. During the arrest and removal, there was a scuffle between the Youth Congress workers and the police. The protest demanded the resignation of the mayor who violated the oath of office. The UDF-BJP councilors also organized a blockade dharna inside the municipality. BJP’s protest marches to the municipal council were also staged.

CPIM District Secretary Anavoor Nagappan says that he has not received the letter and has not discussed any of these matters with the Mayor. Can respond after searching regarding this.
The party has never seen such a letter. The party is taking the incident seriously. He also stated that there has been no such accusation against the party till now.

VK Prashanth said that there is nothing wrong in informing the party leadership that there are vacancies in the municipal council. But the appointment is not made on the list of the leadership. Former Mayor VK Prashanth said that the appointments are not made on the basis of any letter and the allegations are baseless.

The controversy arose when the mayor sent a letter to CPIM district secretary Anavoor Nagappan asking for the priority list of party members for the vacancies. Arya Rajendran’s letter is out. The mayor has requested through a priority list letter to make an appointment with the health department of the municipality. The letter addressed to Mayor Arya Rajendran points out that there are 295 vacancies.

The list was sought from Mayor Anavoor Nagappan for the appointment of daily wage workers. The mayor asked the CPIM district secretary for the priority list of the party members including the posts of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. The letter is addressed to Anavoor Nagappan as Comrade on the Mayor’s official letter pad. A copy of the letter was also circulated in CPIM WhatsApp groups. The truth of the incident can be understood only by checking whether the letter is fake.


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