Arrow And Bird Are Straight: A social media person, if not the attitude, has been shaped today. Social media has no honor. Even the rules are weak there. One can hide his profile and write anything. Delights in falsely reporting that a famous person has died. A media culture is spreading all around. If you lie that a celebrity is dead, you will make money through YouTube. Then the lie is gaining value. How fake one can be is a trademark on social media. for It is the reverse victory of victory.

Provocations, taunts, insults, shouts, name-calling The language of social media is full of lies. There are no gods; No memories. god “It is the outer world that stands as ‘real’; Sometimes in the human mind. God is what we expect and imagine in a temple. n. If you say that there is no God even in the temple, you will be disappointed. Then we will be truly alone; It is an expression of God. But there is no god in the world of social media. Everyone is a god there. Each person judges. Self reigns. Acting invisible. Living without a body,
So the rebellious nature of the language on social media is provocative. You can stay there only if you use Mai. It is a post-modern world of a New Mediation. One can create the news there himself. Let’s get involved in the news. There is no editor. The president died.

Fun all year round

To those who were praying in a Bhadrasan temple in New Zealand The terrorist unleashed the threat through the camera attached to his head. Do you remember the views given on Facebook Live? He was looking to become a god. At least for a little while, he could see the world he alone controlled. His effort. We need entertainment every year.

These body language and gestures are televised news avatars. Karre and those who arrive as participants in the discussion are possessed. Each channel discussion is then converted into YouTube views. The channel discussion in real-time. But its market has been formed many times later on YouTube. that So real-time chat and its nature and language youtube audience Producers are trying to make the crab more attractive. Who should be? That is why the participants in today’s television channel discussions Language and gestures are different. It will be spicy and sour. If there is no passion, there will be no audience. Use bad language by sounding unnecessarily angry or obscene. I want Kayo. The language in hand should be tied and released. Let the audience know that he is a gentleman. It is the success of the parties in the discussion.

The market is angry. Anger has a marketing value. It may create adversaries; Otherwise, it will not attract the audience. Between three or four in a quiet town T quickly attracts the attention of a large crowd. YouTube is a similar movement of channel discussion partners. The bill is then generated.

Therefore, the language of the participants will be very harsh. But who determines this agitation, movements, and opposition? It decides itself before the news. Content is provided in the channel by respecting the interest of advertisers It is Mara who controls the behavior of the partners. They, therefore, elevate the Avatar to the level of God. According to the plan of the presenter, the partners are in two or three sections. The value is to turn around and collide. In this recent YouTube video of two opinions, feelings, and mistakes. It is interpreted as a direct fight of the tithes.
No truth remains unchallenged today. It is even doubtful whether reality is created for the sake of argument.

No need for a story; Enough of the story 

“In ‘Granthalokam’ magazine, beyond the branches of story, poetry and writing “A new branch named ‘Katha Ude Katha’ has also started. Prominent storytellers are exploring their stories. An autobiographical note. The narrator tells about his story and characters. . Today we can say that the Malayalam short story has almost come to an end. The plot has been lying barren for years. In the power of the right motivation, shine in life experience. Runna, Patita has created a story that will keep you reading for a second time. The old ones are being withdrawn. Many people write a story for the sake of writing. After a story has begun, how can the storyteller move forward? This thinking.

Most of the stories I’ve read recently have experienced poverty and unimaginability. Hityam was becoming irrelevant. but “Most people can write a story. The story of the story is not art. It is as effortless as shallow memory. You can glorify your own life in that writing. There are no contests that require a story. Storytellers don’t write stories anymore; Just write the story of the story.
N.P. Written by Hafiz Muhammad “The article ‘Bitterness in Madhurat’ recalls his biography: “Sweet lies with family and friends. I have converted Rakhi and Barshina which I taught into Madhura Priya. . Teachers can join them for refreshments. There is It can be a lesson. If only this arjavtvam and truth came in the stories! Storytellers regain their simple attitudes. The type is through notes.

Threads of criticism

Is criticism an emotional response? Some people are dressed like that. Slandering a work of literature or an idea, a person Writing aimed at extreme insult can be seen as criticism. villa The great Lenin criticized the opponents like this. But it is enough to see it as a part of one’s mental state. M. Krishnan Nair has done so many times. Literature is like drawing with charcoal on the toilet wall. If one criticizes Chana, it is literary criticism. no Those who think so are highly sensitive to the activity of criticism. leading to hyperbole and exaggeration n.

We can break down the content or language of work; Logic is the medium for that. Arrogance is the deviation of reason. Then it will be only emotional expression. Great American – English poet and critic T.S. Eliot’s “In the collection ‘Sacred Wood’ “There is an article called The Perfect Critic. An intellectual, aesthetic, and philosophical mode of criticism. Eliot is a person who thought about everything. Those who write the study of works cannot be called critics.

What is meant by learning? Available information about the content of a work, the invention In LA models, and review cases based on Students doing Yuka only. But that is not the criticism; Criticism is an art and a thoughtful way of life. There is an argument for that. It is the existing mindset, the aesthetic sense, and the fixed idea. It is pointing in a new direction by rejecting the concepts. An introduction to an existing concept or a problem of a theory It is not a meeting or not.

Eliot says that a poet criticizes poetry. That is to create poetry. Criticism and creation are two types of emotions and emotions. But it is reciprocal. When emotional contact is rare, its pleasure is low. Both critical and creative while desirable. Eliot’s message is to be the same person.
There is poetry in criticism. Criticism is needed if there is no objective about poetry. no But it is a poem of criticism. If the bird is shot high, a bird in the arrow’s path It’s enough. Likewise, there should be an arrow that seeks the bird. That interaction occurs when the arrow and the bird come together in a straight line. The arrow flies and kills the bird. Criticism is one thing. It kills literature. Creating a new concept without destroying existing concepts is not possible.
Hemingway’s “Santeria, the main character in the novel ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ If you want to change the perception of God, you have to come up with something new. Eliot says “This is the New Impression.
A new concept updates an existing concept. In other words, literary criticism kills literature. What is done is to create a new impression.

Seek the secret
B. Shihab’s “In the new poetry collection ‘Inietra Duram’ (Zine Books) “The lines in the poem ‘Pustakam’ are as follows:
If you have to fight
Always baited
Pouring oil in the eyes
Have to wait.
Time is forever
There will be jumping and jumping’.
A creation is never open. The poet says that we should wait for it to open.


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