The police took into custody the accused who threatened to kill the female medical officer in the government hospital and beat and beat the staff. The police have sued the medical officer Dr Abhilasha Pandey on the Tahrir. According to Dr. Abhilasha Pandey, a medical officer posted at the Community Health Center, there was a dispute between the two parties over paddy weighing in the village Magarsada late on Wednesday night.

Three people from one side had gone to the hospital for medical examination in an injured condition. Those who had first aid. And also made a medical report. After this Sugriva Rana son Ravidas of the other side, his son Neeraj Rana, daughter-in-law Seema Rana rushed to the hospital in an injured state. According to the female doctor, a lot of people had come with the three injured.

Which started growing in the dressing room. He appealed to reduce congestion, citing violation of corona virus regulations. Some people present in the crowd were agitated. After this PRD Jawan Bhuparam, the hospital’s Bodwai, asked the crowd to go out of the drinking room to make the situation normal. Some people went out.

During this time some people started committing indecency with the staff. According to PRD Jawan Bhoopram, four to five people present in the crowd beat him, punched and abused him. When the lady doctor Abhilasha Pandey came to know about the incident with the staff, PRD jawan, she came to convince the accused who were making outcry.

During this, the assailants also threatened to kill him, along with Dr. Abhilasha Pandey, indecency. As soon as the police reached the spot, the accused fled. At night, doctors and staff personnel led by CMS Dr. Rajesh Arya reached the hospital and met Kotwal Salahuddin and demanded action against the accused.

On the Tahrir of Dr. Abhilasha Pandey, the police have filed a case against sections 173, 504, 506, 186, 323, 332, 353 against village Magarsada and one or two others of Zail Singh. Police have detained the main accused Zail Singh. Satisfied with the action taken by the police, the doctors of the hospital have withdrawn the proposed OPD boycott program. On Thursday, patients were seen in the hospital as usual.


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