On Wednesday, on the third day of the army recruitment rally, thousands of youth of Hathras’s Sadabad tehsil raced to wear army uniform. The race started from 6 am till 11.30 am. The process to join the army started at 12 o’clock on Tuesday night. After a rigorous examination, the youths who had joined the selection process left no stone unturned for recruitment. 2992 youth participated in the race on Wednesday.

The recruitment process has started in Anand Engineering College from 15 February to become a Soldier GD, Soldier Technical and Soldier Trademan in the Indian Army. On Wednesday, Bari belonged to the youth of Sadabad tehsil of Hathras. Thousands of youths had camped around the recruitment site since Tuesday evening. As soon as the recruitment process started at 12 o’clock, the enthusiastic youth reached the field to run after all the investigations. Recruitment officer Colonel Siddharth Basu said that more than 4600 youths had registered to join the recruitment. But only 2992 youth participated in the race. The youth who passed the race were selected for fitness and medical examination. The selected youth have been called for medical on Wednesday.

On the second day of the recruitment rally, more than two dozen youths were thrown out on the second day also for not bringing the Kovid-19 negative report released 48 hours before. Recruitment officer Colonel Siddharth Basu said that whoever does not bring the Kovid-19 negative report will not be allowed to join the recruitment. Along with this, it is also mandatory to bring masks, gloves and sanitizer. No exemption will be given in this case also.

One candidate has a foot fracture. On
Wednesday, a candidate has a foot fracture during the race. The young man, who was groaning in pain, was immediately rushed to the medical camp by the army personnel and after first aid was sent to the hospital from the abulance. The immediate relief of the young man was greatly relieved by the army.

Tomorrow the youth of Hathras and Firozabad will show
Damkham will join the youth army recruitment of Hathras city and Jasrana tehsil of Firozabad on Thursday. Colonel Siddharth Basu said that thousands of youths of both the tehsils have also applied for the recruitment process. Army Intelligence has also been activated to prevent fraud.


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