South Indian actor Vijay Devarakonda is in the discussion due to his political statements given recently. Vijay has said that everyone should not have the right to vote and they would prefer dictatorial system over democracy. The Bollywood actor’s statement has also come on Vijay’s statement and he has taken a dig at Vijay’s statement.

Talking with the film companion, Vijay said that I do not think everyone should have the right to vote and there are advantages of dictatorship. He said that I do not want to stand in such an election where people vote on liquor and money. I would like to choose a dictator. I think you can change this way.

Dictatorship is a good way, but humans should be good for it: Vijay

He further said that to say that maybe you do not know what is good for the country but I look at my thoughts about the country and in my ways for five to ten years and you will realize that after my efforts the country What a great situation. I think a dictator should think like this. I think that dictatorship is a good method somewhere but for this it is very important that your leader should be a good person who should have positive thoughts about the progress and development of the country.

The same Gulshan retweeted Vijay’s interview tweet and said tightly that I would like to say that he should get his hair cut so that his scalp can be reduced slightly. Earlier, Gulshan also criticized Kangana for a statement.



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