Movie stars have started coming out of the houses in the unlocked season after a long lockdown. Some have even started shooting. Arjun Kapoor is also one of the first celebs to return to the set. He himself is just starting work again, pleading with others to start work again, Arjun says, “I think we all have to keep pace with this new normal and we will have to refresh our lives slowly.

Things have changed forever but we all have to work, we have to run our families. So people should make their surroundings as safe as possible so that everyone is safe. On the work front, we have to restore a kind of normalcy. I have shot for the first time after four months. “

Arjun revealed that the adequate security measures taken on the set of his commercial shoot made him completely comfortable.

He explains, “I was a little nervous and restless in the beginning but immediately I became very comfortable after seeing all the security measures. Naturally, in the early days of starting work again, it would all be psychologically a little difficult to get out. But today I am quite confident about shooting and the presence of many people on the set. It is because of this that I have seen the extensive preparations people are making to ensure that the highest measures of our security are available on the set.


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