Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor and his sister Anshula Kapoor have remembered their mother. Arjun Kapoor shared a photo of his mother and wrote a very emotional and heart touching long note and told how much he misses his late mother. He asks God to return to his mother.

Arjun Kapoor wrote in his note, “It’s been 9 years, it’s not right. I miss you, mother come back please please … I remember you worrying about me, join me Go, I’m missing to see your name on my phone. I miss coming home and seeing you. ”

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Come back
Arjun further wrote, “I miss your laughter, I miss your smell, I miss you saying Arjun in your voice echoing in my ears. I really miss you Mom. I hope Wherever you are, you are fine, I am also trying to be fine, most days I manage, but I miss… come back no… ”

Hand held for the last time 9 years ago

At the same time, Arjun Kapoor’s sister Anshula Kapoor also remembered her mother and she has also written a very emotional and heart-touching note. He wrote, “9 years ago today I held your hand for the last time. I talk with you almost every day in my heart, but I personally would leave anything to talk to you just one more, where I I can really hear your voice. ”

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Miss smile
Anshula further wrote, “9 years is already a lifetime without you. I miss your voice, your hag, your laughter, your advice, your smile, your ability to overcome my sorrows, your fragrance, your love Is .. I remember how safe you made me feel, how brave you made me feel, how loved you made me feel. I miss you. ”


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