Argentina Is Worried Before The World Cup, Because Of Injury: With just a few weeks left for the Qatar World Cup, the teams are in the final stages of preparation. This time, Messi and his team will arrive in Qatar, ready to lift the World Cup, which was lost at the last minute in Maracana.

Having won the Copa America and the Finalsima title, Argentina is coming into the international battle with an unbeaten streak of 35 matches.

But now the Argentine national team is worried about the constant injuries of the superstars.

Argentina’s leading players Angel Di Maria, Paulo Dybala, Leandro Paredes, and Nicolas Gonzalez have been plagued by injuries in the league matches this season.

The fans were relieved when the medical report came out that the players will be free from injury even before the World Cup.

But now there is a report that another superstar of Argentina is suffering from an injury.

Argentina’s super goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez was injured during the match that took place the other day. The injury happened in the first half of the first match between Astor Villa and Newcastle United.

Martinez’s head hit a teammate’s knee. The player was immediately withdrawn from the match and taken to the service and Oksana was brought on as a substitute.

But Aster Villa lost by four goals in the match against Nyakas. Meanwhile, there are reports that the actor’s injury is not serious and the actor has started doing his own thing.

In 2014, Argentina lost the World Cup in a fistfight at the Maracana. Injuries have come against Argentina’s hopes of going to the finals with a stronger team this time.


At the same time, although the Argentine legend Lionel Messi had already indicated that the one in Qatar will be the last World Cup
He also informed that the final decision will depend on the World Cup. The actor is currently performing well for Paris Saint-Germain.

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