Are You Thinking Of Demolishing Anyone’s House? Court Slams Bulldozer Raj: Patna High Court criticizes ‘bulldozer raj’ in extreme language. The court raised its voice against Bulldozer Raj while hearing a plea filed by a woman from Bihar and her family against the demolition of the house by the state police on the allegation of illegal construction.

‘Have you started driving bulldozers here? Who do you work for? Government or any private individuals? Whose house is thought to be bulldozed? Are you playing some kind of drama with this bulldozer for the locals to see?’ Justice Sandeep Kumar asked the Bihar Police.

Observing that the police carried out the demolition without following any procedure, the court said that if this is proven, a fine of Rs.

The court has also informed that top officials should appear for the next hearing of the case.
The court added that this is a situation where it is suspected that some policemen are working with the land mafia.

The petitioner’s lawyer had also informed the court that the land mafia had filed a false case against the woman and her family to evacuate the house. ‘I am here to protect you. Not to bother,’ was Justice Sandeep Kumar’s reply. The court stayed the FIR in this case and protected the woman and her family from arrest.

The hearing of the case was held in the court on November 24. Justin’s words gained more attention after the video of this was widely circulated on social media the other day.

Sharing the video, many people commented that if there are such justices, we can hope that BJP’s bulldozer raj will come to an end someday.

In Uttar Pradesh, the Yogi Adityanath government is starting the process of bulldozing the ‘illegal buildings’ of those involved in crime. The buildings of those who protested against the Citizenship Amendment Act, those who protested against the BJP government, and Muslims were mainly bulldozed by the Yogi government.

Even the name Bulldozer Raja was followed by Yogi Adityanath. In the last election, BJP campaigned in Uttar Pradesh by placing a picture of a bulldozer along with a lotus.

Following this, governments tried to implement similar bulldozer raj in various states claiming that it was against land encroachment. Bihar and Madhya Pradesh were the main areas of this type of action.

Bulldozing of Muslim-owned buildings in Jahangirpuri, a BJP-ruled municipality in Delhi, led to massive protests.



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