Mahesh Bhatt has had an old relationship with controversies, sometimes an affair and sometimes a discussion

Are You A Victim Of An Affair? Note These Things To Identify: When we are in love, often we accept the wrong behavior and toxic relationship with ourselves and move on. People often think of doing something about the mental and physical abuse they experience, but the hope that the partner’s behavior will change for the better prevents them from doing so every time. Every time the behavior of forgiving the partner worsens the situation.

In such a situation, it is important for you to know that it is a wrong decision to silently endure the emotional abuse going on. Such emotional tyranny in a relationship sometimes results in narcissistic personality disorder. That means it can harm your mental health for the rest of your life.

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Here are some points that will help you identify psychological abuse in your relationship at the right time:

Always pessimism – When you think of doing something new in your life and discuss it with your partner, expect your partner to motivate you and give you the courage to go ahead. But if your partner discourages or ignores you from everything, you should be careful. Relationships are considered normal only when they encourage each other and rejoice in each other’s achievements.

Complain all the time- A little complaint is normal, but if your partner criticizes you all the time, it will be disrespectful. It will make you emotionally upset. In such a situation, if you get complaints about your clothes, make-up, appearance, weight, and behavior, it is not normal. In such a situation, talk to your partner and share your feelings.

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Ignoring feelings- Any person gets into a relationship only because he needs someone who understands him and sympathizes with him, but if your partner is not with you in your time of need, you should think about getting out of the relationship.

Constant disagreements – Quarrels are common among couples, but if you are constantly fighting and the relationship is worse than yesterday, then you should think about your relationship once because no partner can bother their partner for long.

Blame- In your relationship, if you always take the back seat and are responsible for all the mistakes, then you need to understand that you are being emotionally abused. In such a situation, share your mind with your partner and openly express your opinion about the future.


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