Arbitrary Headings: Any Hill Farmer Who Reads Manorama Will Have An Unprecedented Concern For The Buffer Zone – Harish Vasudevan: High Court lawyer Harish Vasudevan said that the reader of the Malayalam Manorama newspaper will have unprecedented concerns about the buffer zone issue and that way the newspaper is giving news one-sidedly.

He alleged that Manorama did not know what an ecologically sensitive zone was and it had nothing to do with existing forest laws. His response was through a Facebook post.

‘Malayalam Manorama’s front page for the last few days has been archived and its English translation has also been made. Manorama is causing a lot of concern and angst by creating shocking, one-sided headlines in the name of buffer zones. Any hill farmer reading this paper may or may not be concerned.

Manorama does not know what an ecologically sensitive zone is and it has nothing to do with existing forest laws. Habits are adding fuel to a burning fire, not extinguishing it by providing correct information. Are forest or non-forest lands regulated under Environment Protection Act? Harish Vasudevan said, ‘It would be hard to find a better example of how 22 years of effort since the Pranabsen Committee report is destroying a media with an agenda through misinformation and one-sided stories.

There are mistakes in the Supreme Court judgment and guidelines. It should be corrected. Address the concern not by excluding entire human habitable spaces from the ESZ. Errors are corrected. Avoiding hardship for humans. Harush Vasudevan said that those who insist that Kerala should grow as the world grows in all other respects do not provide the reader with any information about how regulations work in developed societies.

In this regard, Judas’ 30 pieces of silver is leading many people at Christmas time, rather than the value of Jesus.
News etc. will be archived for use in 2032.

Manorama will organize international seminars and conclaves based on the topics of the media’s role in environmental protection, the need to provide correct information to the people, the Stockholm Convention for the survival of humanity, and Manorama’s role in the conservation of the Western Ghats. “Let’s put the history of proper environmental reporting in the public domain for searchers to read,” added Harish Vasudevan.


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