Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company’s market share in India was significantly lower than the opportunities available, and opening retail stores there would be a major initiative in the future. Apple launched the Apple Store online in India on 23 September, offering a full range of products and services directly to customers across the country.

On Wednesday, while discussing the company’s earnings prospects for the first quarter of 2021, Cook said, “If you take the example of India, our business has doubled compared to last year.” But our trade there is still much less than the opportunities available. And you can find more such markets all over the world.

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In response to a question about Apple’s efforts in the Indian market, Cook said, “As I mentioned earlier, there are many such markets.” India is one of them, where our share is very low. We have improved compared to a year ago. Our business almost doubled in this period. And we are feeling very good about this hike.

He said that Apple is taking many initiatives in India. ” For example, we opened an online store there, and the last quarter was the first full quarter of the online store. It got a great response and it helped us achieve our goals of the previous quarter. Cook further said that there is a lot of growth potential in the developed markets.


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