Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 4 July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
rani says prasad for all people. Jai says i am getting married and you look satisfied. Rani says whilst a person is about to get in problem i get satisfied. He says what? Rani says i mean all of us receives in hassle after marriage. Veer is available in. Jai says veer, rani sa organized a bhandara for us. Take prasad. Veer leaves. Jai says don’t say no to prasad. Veer says to live within your limits. Nandini says he’s my to-be husband and your bil. Admire him, i gained’t tolerate his insult. Jai says it’s ok. Take prasad veer. Rani nods at veer, he’s taking the prasad. Veer leaves in anger. Veer says to rani you’re getting their bhandara performed? Rani says champ will paintings for us. She asks about the patient. Veer says i never felt emotional for a affected person earlier than. I don’t recognize what’s the connection with him. There’s a few reference to him.

Scene 2
kumud cleans veer’s room and sees the ring. She’s stunned. Kumud says this ring.. She comes to sanjay. He’s taken aback. He says it could be the equal ring. Some thing that’s misplaced years in the past can’t come back. Kumud says it doesn’t appearance feasible. However what if it receives to veer? Veer is available in and says what receives to me? Kumud says sanjay had work. Permit me come for your room. She offers his stuff again to him. Sanjay says thank god. Kumud says is it of him or someone else?

Scene three
the following morning, rani gets ready. Veer says permit’s cross. Rajeshwari says you should stay domestic today. You are the dil of this house. Rani says completed the entirety in the morning. Rajeshwari wonders how did she do it all so speedy. Rani says i’m able to come again before lunch don’t fear. This day is more critical for me. Veer says you take care of the whole lot with one smile. I understand you should be making plans something to stop this wedding. Rani says i have done special preps for jai. She laughs. Champa involves jai’s room and sees a letter, i despatched this flower for you. Come to the guestroom. I am waiting for you. Champa says wow, a love letter. Rani appears at her adn says wow.

Scene four
a collection discusses who could be their 4th companion for the mission. Rani says are you, my companion? They say you could in no way be our accomplice. The trainer is available in. Rani explains the challenge. The trainer is very glad. He says research from her you all. Assist her in this challenge as a crew. Rani says i made the design. He says we don’t want you and leave. Scene five
rajeshwari welcomes jai’s circle of relatives. Jai says where is bhabhi sa? Is she still mad at us? Rajeshwari says she must be in her room. Jai says let me name her. Nandini says are you certain? He says yes. Rajeshwari says that is royal blood. These are his manners and class. Jai is going upstairs. Kumud involves the hospital to test. She walks round. Kumud says he can’t be right here. It changed into all my doubt. She stops outside a room and sees a person but she will’t see his face. She attempts to move in but veer comes. He says what are you doing here? She says came to drop your lunch. Kumud attempts to peek in. Veer says are you seeking out somoene? Kumud says no. I need to go home. She leaves. Veer says why is she behaving weirdly? Is she hiding something?

Episode ends.

Precap-rani exposes jai being near champa. Rani says this jai’s fact. Will you spot his dust along with your personal eyes in case you don’t accept as true with me.


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