Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 28th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1

Vijaya says I will not give you anything. Rani says you will not? Vijaya says no. Rani picks the bed. Sooraj and Vijaya shout. Sooraj says we will sign everything. Kindly stop this. Vijaya says what are you saying? Sooraj says in the event that she kills Radhika I will commit suicide. Rani says you don’t have an alternative at this point. I will leave this Radhika after my condition is met. Sooraj says we get it. Rani gets typical.

She swoons on the bed. Sooraj says Radhika ji.. Sooraj says mama sign it. Vijaya says for what reason would it be advisable for me to? You sent that baba from here. Sooraj says in the event that anything happens to Radhika I will likewise bite the dust and alarm you. She says you are compromising your mother? Sooraj says she’s dead and an apparition. Regardless of whether you sign it for her, she can’t take it.

Veer says you did such great acting. Rajeshwari says am I so self absorbed? Rajmata comes and says will she sign? Vijaya says I have concluded I will not sign. Sooraj says you’re actually similar to your mother. She says think what you need. Vijaya’s saree stalls out in saree. Vijaya says kindly don’t kill me. I will sign it. The worker says there is nobody here. Vijaya leaves.

Sooraj goes to the room. Rani professes to swoon. Sooraj says you are so lovely. You look so great while resting. Rani opens eyes. He gets frightened. Rani says did she return once more? He says yes I will save you relax. I have called that baba. Rani says I don’t want to pass on. She claims to swoon once more. Rani picks a blade. Sooraj shouts. Rani says you will not listen right? He says Mausi don’t blow up please. Rani says I will cut you first.

I will decapitate you. Vijaya says kindly don’t do this. I will sign what you inquire. Rani says do it at this moment. Or on the other hand I will execute him. Vijaya signs and says I have composed it on the paper. Rani says currently bring all the paper. Vijaya says don’t do anything to sooraj. Leave Sooraj please. She gives her every one of the papers. Rani actually takes a look at the papers. She says I am eager. Go make me pasta. They run out.

Scene 2

Vikram actually takes a look at the papers. He says bhabhi sa your arrangement worked. These are genuine papers. Rani says we as a whole won together. Veer says we will submit them in the court. We will get everything back and show them out.

Sooraj says maa make it fast. Sooraj comes higher up and sees a pack. He sees the blue saree in that pack. He sees hairpieces and garments that Veer was wearing as baba. Sooraj says as much this is the genuine game?

Scene 3

Rani says to Veer pardon me now. He says you did everything for myself as well as my family. Much thanks to you. Rani says it’s my family as well. I shouldn’t have concealed anything from you. I will disclose to you everything from now. Veer embraces her. Sooraj comes there. He’s stunned. Vijaya comes there. Sooraj says this rajawat.. She says I have a thought. Try not to do anything now. Sooraj says I will kill him. Vijaya says make another person do it? Sooraj says who?

Scene 4

Vijaya calls Jai. Champa makes Nandini clean the table. She says go open the entryway. Jai’s folks come. They see the duster in Nandini’s grasp. Her mother says what is this? Jai says she gets a kick out of the chance to clean. Her father says I called you the entire evening. He says I was occupied. Nandini says you were sleeping.

Rajeshwari calls Digvijay and says at long last all is well. We are largely together. Rani returns home. Vikram says we will get everything back. Rajeshwari says thank you for all that you’ve done Rani. Vikram says we were unable to get you. Rajmata says me as well. Rajeshwari says for what reason would you say you are quiet? Veer went to the court. Rajmata says for what reason would he say he is back? Rani says no papers would be submitted.. Veer is dead. Everybody is stunned.

Scene closes.


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