Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1

Veer says Rani would you say you are certain this thought could work? Rani says yes. They flash lights inside. Shanti says when magnet goes up Rani would go up as well. Rani coasts noticeable all around. Vijaya is stunned. She shouts in dread and says Sooraj.. Sooraj.. Save me. He runs ground floor. He says maa what occurred. It’s me. She embraces him. Vijaya says Rajeshwari.. Rani comes and says what was the deal?

Vijaya says avoid me. Rani says how did I respond? Sooraj says it’s Radhika. Vijaya says you had Mithu’s apparition in you. You said you are back to vindicate your passing. Rani says I am fine. Vijaya says you were gliding. You were choking me. Rani says what? If it’s not too much trouble, pardon me. I don’t recollect that anything. Sooraj says how about we find in the first part of the day. Radhika ji you rest. Rajeshwari drops something. Sooraj says let me check. Veer and Rajeshwari stow away.

Scene 2

Rajeshwari has twisted on her foot. Rani says how is it now? Rajeshwari says I destroyed the whole arrangement. How might I walk now? Rajmata says don’t stress Rajeshwari. We will discover an exit plan. Rajeshwari says however they made me the phantom. Who else can do it now? Rani says relax. There are numerous ways. Veer says what are you thinking?

Scene 3

A baba ji goes to the house. Rani sayws come in. Vijaya says who right? Shanti says he is an eminent baba. I called him for this present house’s tranquility. It’s Veer. Baba says to Vijaya you saw something disturbing you. I have the appropriate response. Vijaya says however I didn’t address. Shanti says he addresses apparitions. Sooraj comes and says who is he now? There is nothing of the sort as apparition. Vijaya says Shanti brought him. Baba says it’s your own family. The apparition needs to take you with it. He checks out Rani and says you are not from this house.

You met the phantom? Vijaya says the phantom assumed control over her. rani says kindly save me baba ji. Sooraj says get up Radhika ji. Sooraj says go from here. We needn’t bother with you. Vijaya says don’t say this. Sooraj says Shanti more likely than not disclosed to him this for cash. Baba says you’re offending me. This person.. When were you last beaten? Your mother loves you a ton. She makes you pickle each day. Right or wrong? Vijaya says baba ji if it’s not too much trouble, save us. Veer understands mantra.

Veer says to Sooraj now you trust me. Vijaya says we trust you. Kindly save us from Rajeshwari’s phantom. Rani says get her out of this house. He does mantra. Vijaya says to Rani I will get the phantom out of you. He imagines like he got the phantom in his palm. He says what are you doing here? What do you need? She says retribution. Baba says what will you take? Rani plays Rajeshwari’s voice. She says apologize or I will kill her.

Vijaya says I will not apologize to her. Rani says kindly do it. Save us all. Vijaya says alright I will do it. Vijaya says excuse me Mithu and go from here. Rajeshwari’s voice says request that she compose it or I will not go. Vijaya says I will compose it. Where to sign it? she is going to sign it. Sooraj stops her. He says now a phantom will make us sign? We have no dread. He tears the paper and says I will sign it. Veer says in the event that you don’t pay attention to her you will lament. Vijaya says we just need to compose it. Sooraj says there’s nothing of the sort as an apparition. He leaves.

Scene 4

Sooraj says Radhika is additionally putting stock in this? He sees Rani hitting her head on the table. He says Radhika ji what’s going on with you? She says nothing. Sooraj says who are you conversing with? She says to myself. Shanti locks the entryway. Sooraj is terrified. He says for what reason would you say you are talking like that? Veer sparkles the lights. Rani strolls towards him. Sooraj says for what reason would you say you are seeing me like that? I’m not terrified. Rani says I am here. She lifts the bed. Sooraj shouts maa save me. Radhika ji please. He says somebody open the entryway.. Maa.. Rajeshwari says I can help without strolling. She lifted the bed with a trolly. Sooraj shouts maa open the entryway.

Maa save me. Vijaya says Sooraj.. He cries. She attempts to open the entryway. She opens the entryway. Vijaya says Rajeshwari’s phantom is inside Radhika’s body. Vijaya says what do you need? I will give you anything. Leave us please. Rani says everything. I need all that you took from me. I just needed an expression of remorse. Be that as it may, presently you’ve offended me. Presently your child will bite the dust and you then you. I will consume Radhika then, at that point. Vijaya says I can apologize yet will not give anything over that.

Scene closes.


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