Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 25th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1

Rani cries and says what has occurred. She cries. Vijaya says what are you doing here? She says they were old acquaintaces. Got enthusiastic? Rani says yes. A lady says the MIL just kicked the bucket and she has shown her real nature. What kind DIL right? Vijaya says what DIL would she say she is discussing? Rani says about Veer’s significant other. She’s not even here. So much occurred. Vijaya gets into fabric Rajeshwaru’s face and says nobody selfish like you would be brought back to life. Farewell. Rajmata cries. Veer and Vikram claim to cry. rajeshwari says this sheet is so grimy.

Vijaya asks Kajri for what reason do I feel like I’ve seen you previously. Rani says I trust she hasn’t perceived Saloni. Rani says her face is normal. We should go. Veer says Mausi sa I can come on work after the burial service. She says you can take cash as well and I will deduct from your compensation. She leaves with Rani. Vijaya says I came to have a great time here seeing Rajeshwari’s condition. I feel void at this point. Who will I battle now? We should go. Rani says you see what’s next.

Scene 2

Rani is sleeping around evening time. Vijaya awakens and says who wound down the AC. She turns on the light yet it doesn’t turn on. Somebody applauds. Vijaya says who right? Come before me. I will cut you into pieces. The lights sparkle. Vijaya says who is here. What’s happenng. She sees Rajeshwari in the mirror and shouts. Vijaya shouts Sooraj.. save me. Rani and Sooraj come in. Rani says for what reason would you say you are yelling? She says Rajeshwari was here. Rajeshwari is taken cover behind the entryway. Sooraj says however she passed on right? Rani says nobody is here. Vijaya says I revealed to you she’s here. Rani says I believe you’re in shock. Vijaya says I am not insane. She’s here. Sooraj says who is here? Come out. Rani says I think in the event that you saw it should be an apparition. Vijaya is terrified. Sooraj says I am not terrified of any apparition. Come out. Who is prodding my mother? He says maa nobody is here. It’s your uncertainty.

Rani contacts Vijaya. She shouts. Vijaya says don’t give me a coronary episode. rani says would she say she was wearing a similar saree? Vijaya says why? I’m saying she’s here. She says I can’t rest here. Would i be able to rest in your room Sooraj? He says yes come maa. They leave. Rajeshwari says seeing Vijaya terrified is such a lot of fun. She crashes into a jar. Sooraj and Vijaya stop. Sooraj is terrified. Vijaya says go in and check. Rani says there is somoene in the kitchen. Vijaya says apparition? Sooraj says there’s nothing of the sort. Allow me to check. He goes out. Rajeshwari slips away from that point.

Sooraj says nobody is here maa. It’s all your creative mind. Come how about we rest.

Scene 3

Rajeshwari goes to Shanti’s room. She says come sit Rani sa. Would it be advisable for me to get you green tea? She gives her water. Rajeshwari reviews she used to affront them. She gives her tea. Rajeshwari says thank you Shanti. You are faithful to me even without cash. Veer says Rani sa you did as such well. She says it was fun seeing her frightened. Rani says she was shuddering. I don’t figure she would have the option to rest. Rajeshwari says what’s the arrangement? Veer says we will keep her terrified and get everything back. Rani says her dread will cause her to do it.

Scene 4

Rajeshwari can’t rest around evening time. Sooraj says maa.. nobody is there. you should rest. Vijaya says I saw Mithu myself. She was terrifying me. Rani additionally saw her. Sooraj says you made her see it. Stay solid. Vijaya says keep the lights off. He says great night mama. He rests. Vijaya is terrified.

Rani gives a blue saree to Rajeshwari and says time for cycle 2. Vijaya is snoozing. She hears somebody strolling. She sees smoke coming in her room. Vijaya says what’s going on here. She says Sooraj was correct. I should overcome my dread. Vijaya says I will be fine. Rajeshwari can’t do anything. She opens the entryway. Rajeshawri sees Rani’s back and says it’s Radhika. She says what are you doing here at this hour? She sees Rani’s face in reverse. RAni’s eyes are red. Vijaya asks who right? She says Mithu. All of this is of no utilization to me. I have in a distant land. In any case, I will carry you to me and render my retribution. Vijaya shouts and cries. Rajeshwari goes in and replaces Rani. Vijaya shouts. She says your wrongdoings are finished. Nobody can save you now.

Scene closes.

Precap: Rani alarms Vijaya. Veer camouflages as a tantrik baba and goes into the house.


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