Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 21st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Veer recalls what rajeshwari said. Rani appears at him. Veer says i didn’t need to harm her. What this own family and rani sa has performed for me i can’t go back it. I used to be an orphan. I will in no way return what she did. However i sense some reference to that guy. I don’t realize why. Rani holds his hand and says you did right. You helped someone. I want to inform you some thing. Rajmata comes there. She says i want your help. Can you return with me? Rani is going together with her. Rajmata says to rani don’t try this. Rani says he’s broken. He’s the son of this residence and but called an orphan over and over. He has been saved far from his father. Rajmata says don’t tell veer. You swear on me. Please. I am preventing you for a cause. Rani says what motive? Rajmata says i will’t inform you proper now. You have to keep this secret if you need peace. For few days simplest. Swear on me you gained’t inform all and sundry. Rani involves veer. He says is the whole lot ok? Rani says sure. Don’t sense terrible. The whole lot might be ok with time. Rani wonders why is she being stopped like this.

rajeshwari plays chess and recalls what veer said. She calls jai. Jai says changed into everything ok inside the clinic? I couldn’t touch you. She says the whole lot is at the threshold of breaking. I need your help. She tells him the plan. Jai says i am getting it. Rajeshwari says i delivered you up and gave you the entirety and also you became dependable to that maid now. You may pay the fee. Jai says veer’s time to suffer will begin tomorrow.

ramo does arti. Rani calls him. Ramo says i used to be praying for you. Rani says i wanted to invite something. Ramo says you sound worried. Rani says veer’s.. I wanted to invite do you understand ranvijay? Ramo is taken aback. He says who took this name? Rani says do you realize him? He says ranvijay is rajmata’s elder son. Rani is stunned. Ramo says they all used to stay fortunately together. He made a large mistake and then the whole lot changed. Rajmata couldn’t defend him. But is the whole thing k? Why are you asking? Rani wonders what mistake did he do? Veer had to suffer so much. I ought to find out. Jai involves the health facility along with his warden. He says did you bring what i requested? He gives jai an injection. Jai says i don’t know how you’re however you gained’t live for lengthy now. He adds an injection in ranvijay’s drip.

all people is at the dinner desk. Rajmata wonders why hasn’t jai called. Veer gets a name from the health facility and says what? I’m coming. Rani asks what passed off? He says affected person 217 isn’t k. Rani goes with him. Rajeshwari smiles. Veer checks him. He says his heartbeat is collapsing. Veer says what might be the reason? Rani says in heart veer got his dad after such a lot of years. You may’t element them now. Please store him god. Rajeshwari sees the video and says that is simply the start veer. For rani you questioned me. Time to remind you that you are nothing without me. Veer says we have to do surgical procedure proper now. We can’t take a risk. They prepare for it. Rani says you have to be strong. Believe in your self. Veer is concerned.

Nandini comes there. She says bhai.. Veer says you right here? She says i’m sorry i didn’t understand you had an critical surgical operation happening. He says i am hoping it’s a hit. She says it’d be. Jaipur’s high-quality doctor is doing it. Veer says are you continue to mad at me? She says no. I made kheer nowadays. I introduced it for you. He makes her eat it. Veer says it’s actually desirable. Nandini says i am sorry for misbehaving with you. That’s why you didn’t come right? I understand your price considering the fact that i left that house. Please forgive me. Veer says you are my sister. You could say some thing to me. Nandini says all the satisfactory in your surgical treatment. Digvijay and rajmata come to health center. They see ranvijay is going for a surgical treatment. Rajmata cries and says will my son be k? Rani holds her. She looks for veer. Veer prepares in his room. He’s tensed. Rani says all of us is anticipating you. Jai says rajeshwari veer is going for surgical procedure but he doesn’t recognise plan 2 has started out. Rajeshwari says you could’t even guess what’s expecting you in an hour veer. Episode ends.

Precap-veer begins the surgical treatment. His hands shake. Veer says to digvijay he’s stable now. Veer says to rani i experience bizarre. He’s sort of inebriated. The media comes there and they make a big problem that he did surgical treatment at the same time as being drunk. His license need to be canceled. Jai says veer will by no means find out the way it happened. What a grasp stroke.


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