Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 20th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Rajeshwari says are there no other medical doctors right here to deal with him? Veer says i sense some reference to him. It’s unique. She says what approximately our relationship? You made nandini cry. I raised you want a son. What did you do? Couldn’t be a brother for this girl and tht affected person. I asked this rani now not to come back so that you didn’t either. You’ll usually be an outsider due to the fact you’re towards new people. And that i’ll speak to you later approximately his invoice. She leaves. Rajmata asks how is that affected person now? Turned into he in coma. Veer says do you understand him? Whilst he hears rajawat name his frame reacts. I want to unite him together with his circle of relatives. Rani sa is so mad.

Sanjay says she’ll be pleasant. Rajmata asks rani to take care of veer. They go away. Rajmata says i want to see him once. Digvijay says permit’s pass. Veer remembers what rajeshwari said. Rani says i can read your eyes and your pain. Veer says am i so terrible? Everything is getting worse. Rani says you’ve been honest to all your relationships even me. You’re very satisfactory. All you’re doing for kaka is the proof. Rani sa will know too. Rajmata seems at ranvijay. She touches his face and cries. Rajmata says i didn’t e see you for so many years. I discovered my son again. Rani sees them. She wonders what’s taking place. Rani says he’s related to our own family. But how? I want to find out. Ronit calls from university. He says you purchased a picture published in a paper. Rani asks do him? He says i realize a person who does. Rani says i am coming.

rajmata is worried. She says my son was there. Digvijay says what is going to appear if veer unearths approximately his real mother and father. He leaves. Rani involves rajmata. She says sit. Rani says i need to know the truth. She shows picture of ranvijay’s young people. She asks who’s he? Rajmata says i don’t recognize him. Rani completes the photo and it has rajmata and digvijay in it too. Rani says then what are you doing on this photo. Rajmata says who told you? She says kumud. Rajmata is greatly surprised. Rani leaves. Rajmata appears on the photo. She says i’ve to speak to kumud. Rajmata involves kumud and says you instructed rani? At least reflect onconsideration on veer. What will he do whilst he reveals out ranvijay patient 217 is his father now not digvijay. Why did you show rani that image. Rani hears all this. She’s taken aback. Rajmata and kumud see rani. Rajmata says please concentrate.

Rani says it’s incorrect. You men in no way informed veer who his father is. I have to inform him. I will’t this reality from him. Rajmata says concentrate rani. Rani comes our. Rajeshwari is insulting veer. Veer says i desired to treat that affected person on my own. So i have you this cheque. She tears it and says in case you’re so remarkable then go back the whole thing we’ve got performed for you. You’ve harm me lots. She leaves. Veer sits down in tears. Rani seems at veer. She cries too. Rani says i can’t see you hurt anymore. You’re no longer an orphan. I’ll tell you that truth. Episode ends

Precap: rani calls her father and asks if he has heard ranvijay’s call. He asks who instructed her approximately him? She tells him to simply solution her. He says that ranvijay is raj mata’s elder son. Rani thinks that she must tell veer that he’s not orphan. He’s this own family’s blood handiest.


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