Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1

Rani is concerned for Veer. Vijaya says Shanti.. where right? She says gracious I terminated them all. She takes a gander at Rani. Rani says I trust Mausa ji discovers Veer.

Mausa ji and Pinku are outside the spot. Pinku says how might we tell Rani regardless of whether we discover Veer? Mausa ji says Rani is keen. She educated we can’t chat accessible if the need arises. She inquired as to whether Veer is found and yellow is we can’t. Rani searches outside for the fabric.

Scene 2

Rajeshwari does cleaning of the house. She says Digvijay isn’t here by the same token. My child has left me. For what reason did you go Veer? She cries. Vijaya steps on the floor and makes it grimy once more. Rani feels irate. Rajeshwari cleans it once more. Rajmata serves tea to Vijaya. She tosses it on the floor and says I don’t drink tea without elaichi. Make it once more. Rani cries. Rajeshwari cleans the floor. Vijaya steps on her foot and says can’t say sorry.. You’re a worker. You know how workers are dealt with. You used to say something similar.

Rani goes to her room and compose Veer is alive yet just as long as I continue to be abominable to you. Vijaya has asked me, in the event that I don’t do this Sooraj will kill Veer. She takes out the letter. Rani drops the paper on the floor. She says clean from here. Rajeshwari is leaving. Rani focuses at the paper and says clean it. Rajeshwari kicks it with her foot. She says it’s perfect. Rani says check appropriately. You will see something. Rajeshwari says clean yourself. Vijaya says you consumed her. Get Vikram’s report. Rani attempts to pick the letter. Vijaya says go quick. Rani leaves the letter.

Vijaya calls Sooraj and says how is he? Sooraj says he has a go at being frantic at me. Vijaya says I let you know the following arrangement. Rani searches for the paper. It’s close to Vijaya’s feet. She attempts to pick it. Vijaya says why are you here? She says checking in case everything’s cleaned or not.. Vijaya leaves. The paper is trapped in her shoe.

Scene 3

Sooraj shows the video of Rajawats being workers. Sooraj says they are having the most exceedingly awful life. Let me know where the papers are. Veer says I need to meet my family once. In case they are altogether alright, I will tell where papers are. Rani strolls after Vijaya. She makes her fall and the letter falls close to Vikram. Rani hints him to pick it. Vikram understands it. He’s stunned. He says brother is alive? I should tell mother. Rani is being compelled to do this. Rani picks Vijaya.

Vikram approaches Rajeshwari and Rajmata. Vikram lets them know Veer is alive. He says Veer is confined by Sooraj. Rani is being compelled to do this. Rajeshwari cries and says my child is alive. rajmata says say thanks to God. See Rajeshwari.. We were accusing Rani. She’s constrained. rajeshwari says we need to save Veer. His life is in harm’s way.

Scene 4

Sooraj requests that Rani come in the room. Vijaya says you need to sign these papers of I will give Veer’s portion to you as well. Rani says what papers? Sooraj says legal documents. Rani is stunned. Sooraj says your dirvorce with Veer. On the off chance that you don’t sign I will kill Veer. What might those papers mean when he bites the dust? I can do anything for you. Time for you to show how would you be able to help Veer.

Rani says I can’t sign them. I love Veer. Sooraj says is there any valid reason why you won’t? I will make you a sovereign. I will give you cash and love. Vijaya says you will be a sovereign. You’re my child’s interest. Rani says this can’t occur. Sooraj calls his men and says shoot Veer’s other foot as well. Rani says no please.. I will sign. Rani signs the papers. Sooraj says well done, you’re separated. He says maa your child is getting hitched soon. I will get this enrolled in a few days.

Vikram comes in and says I need your assistance. Something happened to mother. rani goes with him. Sooraj says time to get Veer’s marks now.

Scene closes.

Precap-Sooraj powers Veer to thumb legal documents. Veer hits him. His men hit him back. The hooligan says he’s dead. Rani appeals to God for Veer.


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