Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 19 May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

Scene 1
Birju makes Jai stand and puts a coconut on his head. He says Champa hit him with the stones. Start the game or I will make you stand there as well. Jai says Champa no. She hits him with slingshots. Birju says this is fun. Kiara looks for Champa. She looks at Veer holding Rani. Veer says I won’t let you go without telling. Kiara walks towards them. Vikram says Kiara come sit here. Let’s try to recall. She says stop. She throws a coconut at Rani but it hits her back. Kiara faints. Vikram picks Kiara. He says Kiara.. Veer says Kiara is sleeping?

Veer says why is she sleeping on the floor? Rani says she must be tired. Vikram says let me take her inside. Vikram picks Kiara and takes her inside. Rani falls on Veer. Veer says what were you saying? Tell me. Rani says pinch on my hand. He says why? Rani says I want to know if this is reality or not. You’re with me and we are alone. I want this moment to freeze like this. We can’t talk like this normally because you are always angry. Rani slips. Veer holds her.

Vikram holds Kiara’s hand and says please open your eyes Kiara. Kiara holds his hand and says don’t leave me. He says are you okay? Kiara says I don’t like it when you leave me Veer. Vikram gets upset. Kiara says you’re only mine. Why do you care about Rani? I love you Veer. Will you ever leave me? Vikram says I will never leave you.

Scene 2
Vikram falls asleep next to Kiara holding her hand. He wakes up and gives her water. Kiara says what happened to me? Those goons. Is veer okay? Did the police take the goons? Vikram says what? Your memory is back. She says what are you saying? Vikram gets happy. Kiara sees flashbacks. Kiara recalls everything.

Ranu wakes up next to Veer. Vikram comes there and says Kiara’s memory is back. She remembers everything. Rani says thank God. Rani says thank you MataRani. Veer gives medicine to Kiara and says take rest. Your memory is back. Kiara says what memory? Our wedding close. Let’s go back home so we can pray. Everyone is shocked. She’s still in the same zone. Kiara says Birju and Rani can also go back to the village. We don’t need her in Jaipur. She says my headache. I need rest. She says Veer you stay with me, I like it.

Scene 3
Rani brings juice for Kiara. She says in heart I will make Veer mine again even if I had to lie. Rani goes out. Kiara trashes the medicine and says I don’t need them anymore. Kiara sees her and says why did she throw it in the bin?

Veer calls the doctor. He says let me check the reports. Vikram says nothing is happening. I don’t know what to do. Rani says I can’t worry them more. Kiara comes out and looks at Rani. Kiara says I packed your bags. You and your husband can leave right now. I booked your exam. Rani says but I passed my scholarship and my scholarship is in college. Kiara says join antoher college. Rani says everything is in Jaipur. Kiara says everything is in Baliya. You can’t do anything in Jaipur. You and your dad sent first Veer and then rani sa to jail. You are a problem on our heads. Rani is shocked. Kiara leaves. Rani says how does she remember that Rani sa is in jail? Does that mean she’s doing a drama? I have to tell Veer.

Episode ends.

Precap-Rani says to Veer I think Kiara’s memory is back. She’s doing a drama. Rani tells him everything. Veer says I will confront her right now. Vikram says on call I don’t want suggestions from you. Kiara doesn’t accept this relationship. If I talk about this marriage now she will be even more stressed. Rani hears it.


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