Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 18 May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

Scene 1
Champa says Rani please drink water. She spills it on her laptop and drops the water. Rani says it’s not working. Kiara laughs. Champa says I am sorry. VEer says it hanged. Champa says will she fail now? Veer says Rani will complete her exam on my phone. Come rani. He holds her hand and takes her to the balcony. Kiara looks at her angrily.

Veer shows the questions to Rani and she solves them on paper. The paper is submitted. Rani says thank God. Vikram says done? Rani says yes. It was very difficult but it is submitted finally. Vikram says when is the result? Rani says in an hour. Veer says I am sure you will top. Vikram says yes you are a genius. Vikram says let’s go eat. Rani says I can’t eat before the result. Veer and Vikram also wait with rani for the result. Birju says it’s an hour. Is the result out? Vikram says it’s loading.

Kiara peeks inside. Vikram says it’s out. Vikram sees the result and is shocked. Veer says what is it? Rani is scared. Vikram says bhabhi sa failed. Everyone is shocked. Kiara laughs. Jai and Champa are also happy. Kiara says see your fate is also against you loser. Rani sits down and cries. Rani says what have I done. Veer says you can stand up from the ashes. Birju says it’s okay Rani. Rani cries. She says I will never be an engineer. Vikram laughs. He says sorry I can’t control it. Look at you people. See this is top 5th student Rani Veer Singh. Everyone is shocked. He says you’re crying like kids. Rani says what? Show me. Vikram says see. Rani is shocked to see her result. She laughs. Kiara leaves in anger. Rani dances with BIrju. Rani hugs Veer. Veer says what kind of joke is this? He says a little joke is important. Your marks should be framed. I will tell everyone I am your BIL. Birju says Ramo kaka will be so happy. Veer says you did it Rani. Rani says because you were with me. Vikram says let’s arrange for the party. Rani says it will be in desi style.

Scene 2
Jai and Champa add alcohol in coconut water. Rani says is it fresh? Rani takes it. Champa says why did you give it to her? Jai says I will not let her forget this celebration. Everyone drinks coconut water. Vikram asks Jai what have you mixed in it? He says I don’t know. Vikram says go do your work. He says in heart I know what it is. But it will do what I had been trying for so long.

Rani and Veer drink it and they get drunk. Kiara looks at Veer and Rani. She gets angry. Rani comes to Vikram. He says say it. Rani says what? Vikram says what’s in your heart. You have to say it yourself. Rani says you are right. But no. He’s an amazing person. Vikram says is he special? Rani says yes he does so much for me. Rani says you are very clever but I won’t get scolded this time. Vikram says go, and get a hold of him. Rani says why does he keep asking me. Rani says I don’t know what to say. Vikram says go and start it. You will know. Rani says don’t make signs, I get confused. Vikram says okay I won’t.

Rani comes to Veer and says why are you alone? He says thinking how to congratulate you. You prepared for 2 days and became top 5 students. Rani says I did it because of you only. Rani says I.. You.. You are an amazing husband. Veer laughs. Rani says you smiled. You are always angry. You get mad at me. But it’s okay. You’re a good human. Veer says done? Rani says no. Veer collides with her. Veer says sorry.

Champa says to Birju we know you like Rani. Why don’t you go and tell her. Birju is also drunk. Birju says I have to do one thing before that. Jai says what? Birju says come with me.

Veer holds Rani. Veer says you make me come close to you then you laugh. Rani whispers in his ear. She laughs. Veer holds her and says tell me. Kiara looks at them. Veer says this time I won’t let you go until you tell me. Kiara is angry.

Episode ends.


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