Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 17th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Scene 1
rani says to rajeshwari please see this photo an inform me if you apprehend him. There is a new patient in veer’s hopsital. He feels some connection with him. Rajeshwari throws the cellphone away and says don’t display me clean scree and waste my time. Smartphone were given locked. Rajeshwari says nandini is coming day after today. Put together for pagpheray. She leaves.

Vikram asks who was it? Rani says there’s a patient in veer’s medical institution. He reacts to rajawat name. Do you already know him? She suggests the photograph. Vikram says i have never seen him. Rani asks digvijay and rajmata. Rajmata gets emotional. Rani says do you realize him? Digvijay says maa sa isn’t well.

He says kumud take her to the room. We don’t recognize him. Rani leaves. Rani says to vikram there’s some thing that we don’t realize. He’s associated with this family. Are you able to assist me?

Scene 2
nandini receives equipped. She says are you able to give me the jewellery? I need to put on them to the pagpheray. He says why repeat? I got new ones for you. He shows her the brand new earrings. He says fascinated about my bride. Nandini sees them. Nandini exams them. She’s isn’t very glad. Nandini says they’re artificial.

I gained’t put on them. Return mine. He says they’re in locker. She says then deliver them. He says don’t you get it? They may be in the locker. Can’t you put on those for me? Kumud offers tea to all of us.

Rajeshwari is studying newspaper. It has ranvijay’s image on the returned aspect. Kumud sees it. She is scared. Rani says to vikram thanks for purchasing his photo published in the paper. Vikram says he may get hsi circle of relatives returned. Kumud spills tea on rajeshwari. She says are you loopy. Can’t you notice? Move and put together for the pagpheray.

Rani says i’ve managed the entirety. Don’t worry. Rajeshwari says stay faraway from this feature. I dont’want you here. All of us else get prepared. Veer come on time. Veer says the function my wife isn’t allowed isnt, i’m able to’t come tehre. Rani ays it’s ok i wil visit college. Rajeshwarr says you’re one of these drama.

Í didn’t expect this from you veer. An interloper is continually an out of doors. Don’t come. Vikram will go to select ehr. Vikram says i won’t. I can’t take veer’s place. Rajeshwari says you have some responsibility as nandini’s actual brother. Veer says do it vikram.

Scene three
veer drops rani. Rani says you shouldn’t have left the feature. He says we were in this together. Rani’s classmate sees veer and asks who changed into that good-looking hunk? Rani says my husband. She says he’s so warm. When are you introducing her? Rani says locate your very own.

Scene four
nandini comes home. Rajeshwari does her arti. Jai gives rings packing containers to rajeshwari. She asks what is it? Jai says veer and rani received’t come. I brought those bins so you can preserve them from rani and veer’s aspect for nandini’s happiness. Rajeshwari says comein. They do her ritual. Rajmata gives her a present.

Nandini asks are you ok? She says sure a chunk worn-out. Rajeshwari gives them items. Nandini says veer didn’t come? It doesn’t be counted to him? Rajeshwari says don’t worry about individuals who aren’t here. Jai says to nandini ask about investment to your commercial enterprise. She says no longer proper now. This isn’t the proper time.

Rani is in university. She calls veer and says please go there. He says i can’t go there. Veer says kaka’s case isn’t my speciality. I should heal him. Rani says it’ll work out. Ran says i hope he gets properly quickly.

Episode ends.


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