Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 17 May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.Com

Scene 1
Vikram asks Kiara why are you so against Rani? She says how can you ask me that? Vikram says why did you throw away her necklace? She says I didn’t know she’s stupid enough to drown for a necklace. Vikram says it’s valuable for her. Thank God bro got there on time. What if something happened to her? Kiara says you all care about her only. My feelings don’t matter to anyone. Vikram says no.. She says listen, Veer is my husband to be. He can say anything but you are no one. You can’t give me this lecture. Vikram is upset. She says I am tolerating you because you’re Veer’s brother otherwise I won’t even listen to you.

Scene 2
Veer brings Rani to the bed. Rani says I am fine. He gives her water. Rani says I am fine. He says I have to do something so it doesn’t repeat. We can’t keep hiding from Kiara. She can do anything. She did this to you. I am scared now. Rani says you are overthinking. He says it’s your exam tomorrow. I can’t let her ruin it for you. Veer calls Kiara. He asks Kiara isn’t getting any better. Should we tell her? She keeps getting angry. Should we take her back to Jaipur? It’s been long. He says I know your concern. But you have to be patient. Try to remind her in a controlled matter but don’t give her a shock. Rani says what should we tell her that’s not too shocking. Vikram says in heart I know what to remind her. Rani says let me give her medicine. Vikram says I will give it. You rest.

Scene 3
Kiara recalls what happened. Vikram comes and says your medicine.. Take it. Kiara holds his hand and says Vikram. I am sorry. I was rude to you. He smiles. Kiara says when anyone tries to come between Veer and me I get crazy. I love him. I can’t tolerate it. He says it’s okay. Take your medicine. Vikram says do you remember that Valentine’s night? We drank a lot and drove.. Then that drive.. Then we went to the temple and that wedding. Kiara sees flashbacks. She starts panicking. He says I was saying.. no.. Kiara says I recalled everything. She runs out.

Rani says let’s get her new reports. Kiara comes to Veer and says I remember everything. That temple.. Those rounds, sindur.. I don’t see it clearly. I wore the mangalsutra. Veer is shocked. He says what are you saying? Kiara says Vikram was also saying. What happened that night? Veer says what night? She says my heart hurts. Veer says don’t panic. What night are you talking about? She says I recall myself in the temple marrying someone.. Vikram says forget it. She says no I have to recall. Veer says you will recall on your own. Vikram says you should rest. He takes her to the room. Veer says I have to get her test done. What stories is she making? Rani says I feel like it could have some reality. He says you study for your exam. I will handle the rest.

Scene 5
Rani prepares for the exam. Veer helps her prepare. Jai says Veer looks more worried than her. Kiara says I asked her to stay away from Veer. Champa says Veer is on her side. Rani will pass this exam. Kiara says I won’t let her pass. Jai says what? She says I need your help. Rani won’t clear her exam. Jai says we will do whatever you want.

Scene 6
Rani’s exam day starts. Rani says I have prepared well but physics isn’t that well. Please handle it, God. So many people have hopes for me. Please help me. Veer comes in. Veer makes her eat yogurt. He says dadi saw would always make me eat this before exams. He says my trust is with you. Rani says I won’t disappoint you. He sets up her laptop. He says this is your chance. No one can come between you and your dream. Rani starts her exam. Kiara looks at her. Jai and Champa smile at her. Kiara says now you see what I do Rani. Jai cuts the internet cable. Rani says what happened.. it’s not there anymore. Veer says there’s no internet. Don’t worry. He says where did the wire go? Veer says let me connect my mobile data. Rani says 15 minutes have gone. Veer says don’t panic. Veer goes out to get better signals. Rani says yes it’s connected. Veer stands in the balcony with his hand stretched. He says I am fine, you start your exam. Kiara says is Veer crazy? Kiara says Rani can’t pass. Champa says I have an idea.

Champa comes to Veer and says I got coffee for you. She falls on Rani’s laptop and drops it. Kiara smiles. Rani screams.

Episode ends.

Precap-Veer says Rani will give her exam on my phone. Vikram says the result is out. Vikram is upset. Jai mixed alcohol in Rani’s drink. Rani says to Veer I really like you. Kiara hears it.


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