Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 16th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Jai Singh telling Nandini that she has ruined his game, and says he has to do some thing now earlier than Rani performs her game. He says I even have carried out a lot to get Rajawat’s wealth. Nandini says you’ve got got betrayed me Jai. Jai asks her to preserve her voice down. Veer and others come there. Rajeshwari slaps him. Rani asks Nandini to slap him. Nandini slaps him and says I hate you, I cherished you a lot, however you betrayed me. Inspector comes there and asks Jai to include them. Jai asks what’s my crime? Inspector says doing fraud with the royal family, dishonest the female etc. Jai asks what’s the proofs? Rani indicates the recorded proofs and his confession. He says so this turned into your plan and fooled me. Rani says yes, you turned into idiot already, ought to have tear the papers, what to say. Jai asks Nandini to keep him from going to jail.

Rani asks him to make an apology later and calls her. Champa comes there and offers announcement in opposition to Jai, telling that he has overwhelmed Nandini, and made her do the residence paintings etc. Rani recalling asking Champa to offer her announcement in opposition to Jai, as he isn’t unswerving to his dad and mom and wife. Rani asks Nandini what’s using this relation, wherein there may be no respect. Jai apologizes to Nandini. Nandini says I am uninterested in dragging this relation. Rajeshwari asks why didn’t you inform me. Nandini says I don’t need to hassle him. Jai asks his mom to keep him. His mom says I don’t need to study you. He then asks Nandini and Champa to keep him.

Rani says it won’t appearance desirable if black coronary heart man is going so smooth face to jail. She blackens his face, at the same time as he attempts to resist. Inspector takes him. Rajeshwari apologizes to Rani for believing Jai Singh and now no longer trusting her. She says I even have daughters now. Nandini and Rani hug Rajeshwari. Nandini tells that my brothers marriage manifest lavishly. Rani says we could shake the palms and make a brand new begin.

Rani thinks why Vikram and Kiara haven’t again until now and calls him. She thinks there may be no network, don’t understand wherein he has gone. She thinks wherein did they cross and receives worried. Kajri is forcibly approximately to marry Vikram and tells Kiara that she doesn’t care approximately her, will take 7 rounds with Vikram. Vikram asks Kajri now no longer to do this. Kajri says I don’t need to do whatever incorrect and says don’t pressure me to take any incorrect step. She says if I need then I can do whatever. She begins offevolved taking rounds with him. Kiara is maintaining the recorder and prevents the mantras. She asks Kajri to allow her cross, and says your sister known as me and that’s why I got here here. She says I turned into approximately to marry Veer,

however were given trapped with the aid of using Vikram. She asks her to open her rope and allow her cross. Kajri says she loves him without a doubt and don’t need his wealth. She says you need to put off this world, I will loose you. She is set to stab in her, whilst Vikram hits Kajri and makes her faint. Kaira and Vikram have a hug. Kiara asks him to interrupt the lock with stone. He says we can’t go away Kajri here, as she is bhabhisaa’s more youthful sister. He says she cherished me, however I don’t love her, it isn’t her mistake. Kiara says I can’t desirable lifepartner like you. Vikram and Kiara carry Kajri home. He tells them everything. Everyone is shocked. Kajri profits awareness and asks Vikram if they may be married. Rani slaps her for forcing her love on Vikram and doing incorrect. Mausa ji additionally scolds her. Kajri apologizes to Vikram and asks him now no longer to interrupt friendship with him. He asks her now no longer to kidnap him again.

They laugh. Rani’s father involves the wedding and greets Rajeshwari and Rajmata. He asks wherein is Rani? Rani comes there and hugs him. Veer additionally comes there and take his blessings. Vikram and Kiara come geared up to the mandap. First Vikram and Kiara’s marriage solemnized, at the same time as anybody bathe flower petals on them. Then Rani and Veer come to marry every other. They trade garlands. Song performs…..Tera tu hello jaane bhed piya…..They begin taking the rounds. Veer makes her put on mangalsutra. Pandit ji offers them fine desires and says I am telling you with the warning, apna time aayega. They all say apna time aayega.

The display ended on a glad note, with Veer and Rani’s marriage and Vikram and Kiara’s marriage.


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