Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 14th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Rajeshwari telling Rajmata that much like she is pleased with her, she is likewise pleased with her bahu Rani. She says I used to dislike her before, however she has proved that no person may be higher than her. Rajmata asks did you inform this to Veer and says he may be very satisfied. Rajeshwari says ok, I will communicate to him. Veer comes there and says it isn’t always needed, I understand approximately your emotions for Rani. He says I am ordinary to go looking love for me to your silence. He says our love has improve given that years. Rajeshwari asks him to name her Maa from Rani Sa. She asks if we can’t make a brand new start. Veer calls her Maa. Rajeshwari calls her Maa. Rajmata says human beings says right, records repeats itself. It appears to be like the day past once I wrote Digvijay’s call on Rajeshwari’s hand and these days she can be able to write her son’s call on her bahus’ hands.

Vikram asks Kajri, why is she doing this and what she wishes? Kajri says I will inform you, however first consume meals. He says I will die, however will now no longer consume together along with your hand. Kajri says I will now no longer listen insult from you and threatens to kill Kiara. She says you didn’t understand my madness. Vikram asks her to permit Kiara move. Kajri says she had gone, then why did she come? She asks Vikram to comply with her sayings. He says I will consume meals. She makes him have the sandwich together along with her hand. Vikram may be very unhappy and teary eyes. Kajri says the whole thing is truthful in love and war. Kiara thinks the way to exit from here, we can’t be tied here.

Veer receives Rani prepared. Song performs Rangrez piya ji….He makes her put on jewellery. Rani smiles and appears at him. Kajri maintains her head on Vikram’s shoulder and says even I am feeling ache seeing you in ache. She says your divorce is completed with Kiara, and says simply 2 extra days. Vikram says how can you suspect that I will marry female like you. Kajri says I will hold you satisfied extra than Kiara. Vikram says you’ve got got turn out to be mad. Kajri says I will kill anyone. She asks if he’ll marry her, or shall she reduce Kiara into small pieces. Vikram says what is going to you get through marrying a individual, who doesn’t love you. Kajri says my love is sufficient for you and asks if he’ll marry her or now no longer. Vikram shouts Kiara. He has the same opinion to marry Kajri to keep Kiara. Kajri tells Kiara that she had stated that Vikram will agree and says anything is in future has to bear.

Later Rani is getting mehendi implemented through Rajeshwari. Her buddy calls her. Rani asks Veer to position name on loudspeaker. Her buddy tells her approximately on line opposition through govt. Rani says yes. Her buddy asks her to make operating version of sun hydro electro plant in a single hour. She says no person is extra gifted than you. Rani says these days is my mehendi and plenty of household may be coming. She says I will participate subsequent year. Veer tells her buddy that Rani will entire the challenge and could add it at the website. Rajeshwari asks her to make challenge and entire it. Rajmata asks her to do. Rani says no. Veer attempts to assist Rani, join the wire. Rani asks him now no longer to turn out to be engineer as he’s doctor. She says you may get electric powered surprise in case you join wires wrongly. She says permit me do my work. She receives prepared together along with her version and asks Veer to take its video. He says ofcourse I will do. Rani indicates her challenge and briefs approximately it. He says I will post the video. Rani says we could move. Veer says five minutes continues to be remaining. Rani asks him to move. He asks for his reward. Rani thank you him. Veer symptoms and symptoms at his cheek. She says you’re asking me to slap you. Veer says there’s different that means additionally and indicates the cheek. She says even you need dimples like me, says how can I supply to you. He says I need a kiss. Rani laughs and says kiss on cheeks. She asks him to shut his eyes. She then sprinkles water on his cheeks and laughs. He attempts to run in the back of her and that they crumple at the mattress breaking it.

Kajri once more brings meals for Vikram and asks him to consume. Vikram says he isn’t always hungry. Kajri asks do you need me to kill Kiara. Vikram says I will consume. Kajri forcefully makes him consume. He says Kiara is likewise hungry, did you supply her meals? Kajri appears on.

Rajeshwari asks Rani in which is Nandini? Champa thinks Rajawat will mourn now. Rani says I will move and test her. Champa thinks now you don’t should marry Nandini forcefully, you may eliminate her soon. Nandini comes there with Rani. Rajeshwari says each are lovely and applies black tika on them. Champa is bowled over and thinks how Nandini is alive? Rani thinks you can’t contact my family. She recollects going to Nandini’s room. Nandini thanking Rani for sending milk from Champa’s hand. She says I will drink. Rani makes the glass falls down and says sorry. She determines to reveal Jai and Champa.

Precap: Rani tells every person that she wishes to inform some thing crucial to every person. She tells Nandini that Jai isn’t always a terrific individual and he’s dishonest on her. Rajmata says how are you going to say this with out proofs. Rani says I even have proofs and indicates the proof, however the % is changed. Jai thinks it isn’t always clean to defeat me. Rani asks Nandini to mention the truth. Jai thinks if Nandini says some thing then my recreation is over.


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