Apna Time Bhi Aayega

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 13th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Kajri asking Kiara to shut the door. Kiara closes the door and asks her to allow her take Vikram to

hospital. Kajri refuses and threatens to make her fallen down like this. Kiara says I will inform everyone, in case you don’t go away him. Kajri

says while you return, you’ll locate Vikram and myself dead. Kiara thinks Kajri loves Vikram, I must shop him from this psycho. She sits down

and says Vikram has achieved a lot for you and asks her to go away him. Kajri says in order that he can take a seat down to your lap. She

says she is snatching her love and asks her to do as she says. Kiara says concentrate to me once. Kajri says why you’re making me bad, do

it as I say.

She continues knife on Kiara’s neck and threatens her. Veer comes returned to the corridor with Rani and says the entirety is fine. Rani asks

Jai to take a seat down with Nandini and get photographs clicked with her. She asks Jai to inform what’s Nandini’s preferred color? Jai holds

Nandini’s saree pallu. Nandini says yes, it’s far my preferred color. Rani asks Nandini approximately his preferred color? Nandini says blue.

Rani says it appears each have a lot love. Kajri and Kiara drag Vikram out. Kajri asks Kiara to name Rani and inform her that they went


Kiara calls Rani and tells that they went out for buying and could come after 1-2 days. Rani says ok. Kajri takes Vikram to the godown and

asks Kiara to tie his palms and legs. Kiara ties his palms and legs. Kajri snatches her telecellsmartphone and says that is my final warning,

don’t display any smartness. She asks her to tie herself and acts crazy, pronouncing no one can separate her from her Vikram Babu. Kiara

says you don’t want to do this, I will cross from here. Kajri says Rani Maa will destroy my plan in case you go away and asks her to


Mama ji dances with Rani and Veer. Rajmata appreciates Mama ji’s dancing skills. Mama ji says you’ve got got danced well. Rani says this

time marriage may be exact. Rajeshwari says I became special before, however now changed. Rani says allow us to overlook beyond things,

and says I became additionally jhalli and used to mention some thing and found out a lot from you all. She says we can be satisfied always,

your 3 kids are going to marry, it’ll be satisfied second. Rajmata asks Rajeshwari to transport on. She says nowadays our own circle of

relatives is together, what else can we want? Rajeshwari blesses Rani and says it’s far viable because of her, I am fortunate to get bahu like


Rani says you’ll be double fortunate as different bahu is coming, and you may get Maharani like feeling. Rajeshwari asks wherein are they?

Rani says Kiara and Vikram went for a holiday. Rajmata says marriage is taking place now. Rani says they didn’t get time to spend together,

asks them to apprehend that they want time to speak and kind out the issues. Rajeshwari says they may have talked at home. Veer says they

may be now no longer small, will come returned home. Rajmata says we will take rest. Rani says we will cross and rest, medical doctor


Rajeshwari says separately. Veer says ok. Rajeshwari asks Jai and Nandini to live separately. She says Kiara and Vikram aren’t hear, else I

may have set this rule for them too. Champa thinks Nandini will now no longer awaken day after today. She takes milk for Nandini and says

don’t realize what Rani thinks of herself, and despatched milk for you. Nandini says if Rani might have recognised your fact then wouldn’t

have despatched you close to me. She asks her to cross. Champa is going from there and waits for her to drink milk. She recollects including

poison withinside the milk to get Jai. She thinks she would possibly have drank milk with the aid of using now, day after today morning may

be stunning second of your lifestyles, lifestyles may be set after she turns into bahurani from naukrani.

Rajeshwari is grinding mehendi for her bahus. Rajmata receives satisfied and says I became additionally excited for Digvijay and your

marriage. They reminisce Rajeshwari’s mehendi rasam. Rajeshwari says it became unique to me, as you’ve got got implemented mehendi on

my hand and wrote Digvijay’s call on my hand. Rajmata says you furthermore mght allow me follow mehendi to your hand, and says I had

understood that I couldn’t get exact bahu like you. Rajeshwari says she can be able to satisfy all her desires now.

Kiara and Vikram are tied withinside the godown. Vikram profits awareness and sees Kiara tied. He calls her after which unearths his palms

and legs tied. He asks what’s all this? Kajri comes there and says now no longer Kiara, however Kajri, I introduced your preferred breakfast.

She asks shall I make you devour with my palms? Kiara cries. Vikram asks Kajri to open his palms. He realizes he’s abducted with the aid of

using Kajri and asks if she has achieved this. Kajri thinks he isn’t knowledge her love, however she can be able to make him hers.

The episode ends..


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