Rajan Shahi’s show ‘Anupama’ has been in the news ever since it started. The show also has its place in the TRP list. These days, the sequence of the marriage of Anupama and Vanraj is being shown in the serial. But the twist in this is that Vanraj is going to marry Kavya before marrying Anupama.

Cheating with Anupama,
Star Plus has shared a new video related to the show. It is shown in the video that Anupama goes to her room dressed in a wedding dress and wearing a garland. She sees Vanraj and Kavya together in the room. Vanraj is saying I love you to Kavya. Anupama sees and hears all this and remains shocked.

Sharing the video, Star Plus wrote – A betrayal hurts so much that it will shatter the family! How will Anupama deal with this?

Getting Anupama and Vanraj’s wedding,
tell that Vanraj’s affair with Kavya is going on. Anupama knows nothing about this. She believes in Vanraj with his eyes closed. Now in the coming days, Anupama and Vanraj are going to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. The family members are getting married again. Turmeric-Mehndi functions are going on in the house.

On the other hand, Vanraj has promised Kavya that he will marry Kavya before marrying Anupama. A tremendous drama is going on in the show these days.



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