According to the news, on Saturday, when Paras arrived to shoot his show, his father died suddenly due to a heart attack. It is being told that Paras’s father came out of the house for some work, and he got a heart attack as soon as he reached the lift. After this, he was taken to the hospital. At the same time, information about this was also immediately given to Paras. And a member of the show’s team took him to the hospital with his bike. There doctors declared Paras’s father dead.

Paras’s father died of heart attack

On the other hand, on hearing the news of Paras’s father’s death, the entire cast along with Anupam’s main leads Rupali Ganguly and Sundhashu Pandey reached the hospital. A source close to Paras told the media that, he received a call from his mother, who was crying a lot on the phone. He tells Paras that his father has suddenly fallen in the lift. And he was being taken to the hospital. On hearing the news, Paras immediately left the hospital. Currently, the shooting of the show has been stopped for some time.

Paras also happened to be Corona in February

Let us know that earlier Paras was found to be Corona positive in February, due to which he had to take a break from the show for several days. Then his father was also tested, but his report came negative. On this matter, Paras had said that, thankfully, my father is negative. Because he can tell diabetes that the sequence of Holi is being shown in Anupam.


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