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Baa discusses with bapuji its excellent that anupama’s mom were given discharged from hospital. Anu excitedly returns home and offers them prasad. Baa asks what took place. Anu starts crying. They get involved and ask what occurred. She informs that her dance academy is prepared. Baa and bapuji thank god. Pakhi excitedly hugs anu. Samar says the crying session will continue now. Vanraj cries remembering his buddy informing him about last his cafeteria commercial enterprise. Kavya packs her stuff in workplace after dholakia suspends her and cries vigorously.

Toshu returns home from work. Pakhi informs him that mummy’s dance academy is prepared. Toshu congratulates anu, samar and nandini. Anu says samar and nandini labored really difficult and says she will take them to bop academy the following day as its goo late. Baa and bapuji pray for anu’s success and ask her not to fear about house paintings as they’ll distribute it. Anu says kinjal may be very glad. Pakhi says even papa and says she mummy could be a celebrity and he or she will be a well-known superstar kid like suhana khan, says he’s going to manage mummy’s social network web sites. Anu is of the same opinion. Anu then distributes paintings among with with samar and nandini as instructors, pakhi as social media manager, toshu and kinjal as management, baa and bapuji as account head and primary to preserve the youngsters in subject. Baa jokes. Bapuji thanks anu for getting them back to work as they’d emerge as like a rusted furniture with out work. Anu starts offevolved crying emotionally again. Samar says no greater emotional talks now. Vanraj regrettably returns home and watches own family’s pleasure. He reminisces his pal’s words and his family’s assisting phrases for him. Kavya with kinjal gets out of workplace, throws her office stuff in dustbin and requests kinjal no longer to inform circle of relatives approximately her process loss. Kinjal assures her. Vanraj enters domestic appearing as speakme to his friend over cellphone when telephone earrings. Own family notices him and concerned asks if something occurred. Vanraj hugs baa and informs that his friend has decided to close the cafe as his father had invested in it and because of family warfare, his father demanded cash.

Bapuji says that means his buddy’s father saved own family unity. Vanraj says he’s jobless once more. Pakhi hugs and consoles him. Anu says what if one door is closed, god will open many extra doors for him. Kavya returns home and listening to cafeteria getting closed continuously blasts vanraj that she knew this will take place, vanraj instead of searching a excessive-profile process showed substantial interest in working in a cafeteria, etc. She keeps her unbearable yelling and calls vanraj a zero/loser. Baa warns her to close up. Kavya shouts she can not stop her as they all failed and continues shouting at vanraj. Toshu and samar warn her to prevent yelling at papa as its no longer his mistake. Kinjal says someone makes a mistake and employer has to suffer. Kavya shouts even at her to close up and keeps shouting at vanraj that he left his management job and joined a cafeteria and shortly he will open a roadside tea stall. Vanraj says he’ll open a pani puri stall or anything in which he can earn together with his loyalty and difficult work and why is she troubled while she has a corporate task with proper incentives and advertising. Rakhi enters asking vanraj now not to scold kavya and taunts toshu to convey a scissor from workplace as vanraj has to cut his time with out activity, its in reality sad that both mr and mrs shah lost their process on the equal day. Kavya gets fearful hearing that.

Rakhi says she receives records from her sources and blasts at kavya that because of her mistake, kinjal lost her merchandising and he or she herself misplaced her activity. Anu feels terrible for kavya and says she can recognize her ache as she had misplaced a task for an afternoon. Vanraj and bapuji console kavya. Rakhi tells anu that she should be satisfied that kavya lost her task. Anu says getting out of a residence is hard for a lady and succeeding in her process is extra difficult, she feels actually bad for kavya as a female. Rakhi says she must pity for an ill destiny but not for a silly mistake, kavya didn’t returned up her presentation. Kavya says she didn’t have time for that. Rakhi says she and her husband can sit on terrace and watch neighbor’s residence getting painted. Kavya says she is dismissed for a month and didn’t lose her activity absolutely. Rakhi offers her an instance and says dholakia simply gave an excuse and remover her from task completely. Kavya shouts its all due to anupama. Own family stands bowled over listening to that.

Precap: rakhi asks kinjal to get out of shah house or else she may be facing the problems each day. Anu hears their verbal exchange and says everybody consider living with circle of relatives for peace of mind, however whilst their hearts distance, its higher to stay far from each other and hold peace.


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