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Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived during a rally at the Brigade Ground in Kolkata today (PM Modi in Kolkata) , while targeting the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee here, what can we do if her scooty fell in Nandigram. Actually, the BJP’s Subhendu officer in Nandigram is going to face Mamata Banerjee. Mamta has announced to contest from Nandigram leaving Kolkata’s Bhawanipur seat. The officer was once Mamata’s special warlord

Where he was welcomed by the Bollywood artist Mithun Chakraborty who joined BJP just minutes before other party leaders . After this, PM Modi saluted the people of Bengal and the Brigade Grounds as soon as he took the stage . PM Modi said that I have had the privilege of addressing hundreds of rallies in political life, but in such a long tenure I have ever been blessed with such a large mass group, I have got such a scene today. He said that this land of Bengal has given energy to our values. This land of Bengal burnt new life in the freedom movement of India. This land of Bengal increased the pride of India in the science of knowledge. He said that take note of my point from this rally ground, we will bring back what has been taken from Bengal till now.

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PM Modi said that great personalities from Bengal strengthened the spirit of Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat. This land of Bengal gave us a legislation, a mark, a son who sacrificed for a chief. He said that I bow to such a pure soil. From the stage of the rally, the Prime Minister said that around the Brigade Ground, on one side is the birthplace of Swami Vivekananda ji, on the other side is the residence of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. On one side is the birthplace of Maharishi Sri Orobindo, on the other side is the birthplace of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee. According to the PM, this Kolkata, Bengal is the biggest inspirational place for the whole of India, many times in the past decades, this slogan has been echoed in the Brigade Ground – Brigade Chalo. This ground has seen many patriots.

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Attacking Mamata Banerjee, she said that Bengal had trusted Mamata didi for the change. But Didi and her cadre broke this trust. These people broke the trust of Bengal. These people humiliated Bengal. Here the sisters and daughters were tortured. He said that in this time assembly elections, TMC is on one side, there is left-Congress, they have anti-Bengal attitude, and on the other side the people of Bengal have stood up tightly. Today, lakhs of people come here to bless the BJP, and keep the blessings of millions of people continuously throughout the state. Be it normal human, be intellectual people of Bengal, be people of art world, all are pouring their love and blessings.

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Attacking the Mamta government, he said that after listening to the hum of your people in the brigade ground today, no one will have any doubt now. Some people might think that today is the 2nd of May. He said that I have come from Brigade Ground to give you the confidence of this Ashol Poriborton … Faith, development of Bengal … Faith, change of conditions in Bengal … Faith, increase of investment in Bengal … Faith , The reconstruction of Bengal… and the belief, of protecting the culture of Bengal. I have come to assure that for you, for the youth of this place, we will work hard 24 hours day and night for the development of farmers, entrepreneurs, sisters and daughters here. He said that we will not lack any hard work.

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Addressing the people of West Bengal from the Brigade Ground, the Prime Minister said that we will live for you every moment. We will live for your dreams every second. I have come to assure you He said that we are not just in the election, we will keep winning your heart every moment. By his work, by service, by dedication, by hard work. Be it North Bengal or South Bengal, Paschimanchal or Junglemahal. Whether tribal or dalit, backward, exploited, deprived or our refugee siblings, all will be given equal attention. Where everyone’s support, everybody’s development, everyone’s faith will be the mantra of governance. Where everyone will upgrade, appeasement is nobody’s. He said that where infiltration and intruders will be stopped.

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PM Modi said that Kolkata is the City of Joy. Kolkata also has a legacy of a rich past and also has future prospects. There is no reason why Kolkata’s culture cannot be made a city of future by keeping it safe. Expressing his displeasure, PM Modi said that you can guess that due to his commissioning, many work related to Kolkata airport has been stopped. He said that all such stops will be given a fast pace in the BJP government. The smart city project here will get new energy in the BJP government. He said that the expansion of the new National Education Policy in West Bengal will also be given emphasis. Engineering, doctors, technology, studies of such subjects, even in Bangla language, will be emphasized.

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BJP’s top leader Narendra Modi said that our goal is not just to change the power in West Bengal, we want to make Bengal politics development-centric. That is why we are talking about Assol. In this Mahayagya of Asol Porivar, the people of Bengal also have to remember that what kind of deception has been done to them repeatedly, do not forget it. He said that the Congress had come to power on the slogan of independence.

After independence, some work was done, but then votebank politics continued to dominate Bengal, this politics was further extended by the leftists and gave the slogan. “Congressman call hand, Bhenge Dao, Gudiya Dao. He said what happened to that black hand today? The Left came to power with the same slogans, took power for almost three decades. What happened to that black hand today? Which hand The leftists considered black, how did he become white today? Today, he is walking with the blessing of the hand which he used to break.

He said that Didi, the youth of West Bengal today, the sons and daughters of here are asking you the same question. He chose you in the role of Didi. But why did you limit yourself to a single nephew’s aunt? Without naming Abhishek Banerjee, PM Modi said, why did you choose the same nephew’s temptation to be the aunt? Instead of the hopes of millions of nieces and nephews of Bengal, why did you start fulfilling your nephew’s greed? You too could not give up the Congress rites of nepotism against which you rebelled.


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