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Baa gets irritated whilst anupama requests her to just accept samar and nandini’s dating and bless them. Anu apologizes samar and says she notion of giving a special gift on his birthday, but forgot that one has to present consistent with their fame and happiness could be very precious, she spoilt samar’s birthday. Nandini asks not to say that. Anu says one has to dream which they can fulfill. Baa suggests her engagement earrings and asks to satisfy her goals or else she will be able to keep her long lecture. Anu and samar fortuitously hug her. Baa asks nandini also to hug her and jokes no longer to wreck her hairstyle. Family receives happy seeing baa’s surprise. Bapuji asks if every person saw his leela’s leela/magic. Mamaji jokes why in each movies and serials they present engagement jewelry right away, do they bring it on every occasion. Sanjay asks him not to funny story at some stage in this auspicious second. Baa says she is glad that kids reputable elders and waited for approval or else some teen marry with out elders’ blessings. Kavya receives irritated listening to that. Baa says she is talking in standard; there would be now not simplest age but additionally questioning distinction among elders and children, for this reason elders take time to danger. Nandini says one thing is commonplace among them, love for family. Baa says she would have forced for marriage, but she desired to marry with every body’s approval; she faced the results of forceful marriage in her family, now courting might be with every person’s approval. Vanraj reminisces baa and him disapproving samar and nandini’s dating and says even he approves their dating; says they say a father must treat his son like a pal if his footwear fit in his son’s feet, he couldn’t become a friend and doesn’t want to grow to be an enemy; he blesses them. Anu asks kavya if she has any objection as she is from both groom and bride’s side. Kavya yells if she remembered her at remaining. Baa warns her to stop yelling. Kavya yells that they had trouble that nadini can’t turn out to be a mother in existence, now they established her suddenly. Bapuji says its excellent that opinions trade. Kavya yells why didn’t they accept her then. Bapuji says they have frequent her, she should cast off her angry spectacles and watch things. Kavya continues yelling. Vanraj asks her to reply sure or no. Kavya says she doesn’t have any objection.

Baa says then they ought to celebrate samar and nandini’s wedding. Anu thank you baa for accepting samar and nandini’s relationship. Baa says she is happy that children reputable elders. Anu says her kids will in no way leave elders’ arms. Samar says mummy is the most effective solution for all his issues. Toshu jokes. Kinjal says allow us to have a good time samar and nandin’s engagement. Everybody clap in joy. Baa says she just brought earrings as approval and will rejoice her grandson’s engagement in a lavish manner. All of us clap greater, leaving kavya jealous. Anu offers cake to kavya. Kavya rejects saying she eats best sugar-unfastened cake and asks if she asked her husband v to carry cake whilst she usually prepares cake herself for all birthdays. Anu says she asked a father to deliver cake and no longer kavya’s husband, a baby’s happiness is maximum crucial inside the international for a mom, offers an example that a toddler’s smile is 2000 rs and relaxation is trade and hence they could spend some alternate for 2000 rs observe; someone reviews monstrous love simplest after becoming a mother; in faculty all of us name her anupama, however she always craves to listen maa, mummy. Kavya yells that she is taunting that she is not a mom yet. Anu says why will she. Samar and nandini have a good time. Vanraj passes by and seeing them together apologizes for intruding their privateness. Nandini leaves. Vanraj asks samar approximately his dance workshop and says diferences among them creeped up while he grew up, he sold a coverage for him when he changed into just a son for him, he had bought a coverage for him when he was infant which matured today and he desires to provide it to him. Kavya notices him giving envelope and gets jealous.

Samar accepts coverage and says he’ll pay off mummy’s clinical loan with this cash, he doesn’t like mummy working hard for money, he wants to construct a house for mummy where she doesn’t need to undergo all of us’s insult or questions, and so forth. Samar says he concept him as a loser, however he may be very mature. Samar thanks him and thank you again for his cafe’s cake. Kavya interferes and asks what have been they speaking. Samar warns her not to interfere among a father and son and forestall getting jealous of them. Kavya thinks she idea of setting apart v from his own family after marriage, but they’re getting more closer. She asks vanraj what changed into he speaking to samar. Vanraj says whilst his son’s mother didn’t query him till now, who’s she to impeach him. She yells she is his spouse. He says even anu turned into his wife and kavya is his 2nd wife, so she shouldn’t dare interfere between him and his youngsters; says an coverage policy which he offered for samar long ago matured and he gave it to samar. She yells if he had offered the coverage, cash belongs to him. He warns her again to dare not to intervene between him and his youngsters or else she will face dire effects. Next morning, anu wakes up samar. Baa walks in and says she is having excessive knee ache. Baa asks why did she dance final night. Baa says why wouldn’t she dance on her grandson’s birthday. Baa walks to her and name callings. Kinjal gets her boss’ call that she has consumer meeting at 10 p. M. Anu says kinjal works so difficult. Kinjal says even she does. Anu says she doesn’t have boss over her head. Bapuji says they always appreciate ladies as a mom, daughter, sister and ought to recognize her even as a operating girl. Kavya walks down. Kinjal asks her to address client presentation these days.

Kavya name callings that she knows to handle client well as she labored under vanraj earlier than, then with him, and now with out him and saas bahu together will crack even this deal like in advance deal and will get incentives and merchandising. Vanraj walks in subsequent and sits on baloon. Anybody snort listening to balloon burst. Kavya yells what’s funny in that. They all snort more louder. Vanraj tells bapuji that he will percentage bapuji and anu’s cafe commercial enterprise concept together with his buddy nowadays. Kavya laughs out loudly and says he took a 12th pass anu’s help and taunts kinjal to take anu for patron assembly. Vanraj asks her to offer her thoughts then as he wishes to develop his cafeteria commercial enterprise. She says she will be able to but now not these days as she has purchaser meeting. He suggests her to have a look at consumer’s face extra than presentation slides as she does equal errors continually and fails time and again. Kavya gets embarrassed listening to that.

Precap: anu excitedly serves prasad to baa and bapuji and says she has an awesome news for them. Dholakia scolds kavya for her mistake in presentation and says she should sit down at home like her husband. Vanraj’s buddy informs him that he may additionally need to near the cafeteria. Anu emotionally informs that her dance academy is prepared.


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