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Vanraj with Baa and Kavya enters bhoomi pooja venue and stand fuming seeing Anu and Anuj appearing pooja together. Devika desires Jai Sri Krishna to Baa. Baa with frowning face stands silently. Bhavesh enters subsequent and greets Baa. Vanraj asks him if maaji/Anu’s mom didn’t come. Bhavesh says she has knee pain. Baa sits with Bapuji at the same time as Vanraj sits with Kavya frowning. Bapuji asks Baa why did she come. Baa says she got here due to her son. Bapuji says he’ll now no longer hold quiet if her son creates a drama. Panditji finishes pooja and asks Anu and Anuj to imprint their hands on a paper.

Baa yells that this doesn’t occur in bhoomi pooja. Bapuji says even what she is doing doesn’t occur. She asks what’s she doing. Bapuji says anger sitting in pooja. Panditji says Anu and Anuj are enterprise companions from nowadays and prays for his or her durable partnership each at some point of less difficult and hard times. Palm imprinted paper flies and falls on Vanraj imprinting hands on his blouse. Vanraj throwing hearthplace from his eyes at Anu attempts to easy his blouse in vain. Kavya hopes he doesn’t create any drama. Panditji asks anybody to rise up for aarti and prasad.

Anu and Anuj distribute prasad to anybody, leaving Baa and Vanraj frowning extra. Bavesh says he is aware of his sister will contact a sky of fulfillment as her charioteer is god and companion is Anuj. He then praises Anuj’s simplicity. Baa feedback Bhavesh additionally joined Anuj’s fan club. Kavya scoffs Vanraj that Bhavesh doesn’t even talk to him nicely and is smilingly speaking to Anuj as he’s a wealthy man. She says she is familiar with how he feels, however he ought to please be calm as this isn’t always the proper location to react. Anuj gives prasad to Vanraj, which he doesn’t accept. Kavya accepts prasad and tells Anuj that they concept he could experience horrific in the event that they don’t attend pooja, in order that they got here. He thank you her and Baa for coming. Anu tells Vanraj that she is aware of he didn’t come to wait pooja however to mention something,

he ought to watch his manner and language at the same time as speakme. Anuj’s worker calls Anu and Anuj for media interview. Anu and Anuj stroll away. Bapuji asks Baa to give an explanation for her so now no longer to do what he got here right here for. Baa asks why ought to she forestall her son while he can not forestall his daughter. He says Vanraj is inaccurate and she or he is blind folded in son’s love. She says allow it be, if he can not forestall his daughter, she can be able to see who will forestall her son. Anu and Anuj engage with reporters, leaving Baa and Vanraj extra frustrated. Kavya tells Vanraj that she doesn’t realize what goes in his mind, however even they may be a hit with Anuj’s assist and as a result he ought to calm down. He says he doesn’t care and could respond Anuj for his letter as soon as the assembly is over. Anuj asks media to impeach Anu subsequent. Anu interacts with media well.

Anuj receives out of level and seeing Pakhi asks if she is feeling properly seeing her mom’s fulfillment. Kavya says she is happy with her. He senses her catch 22 situation and asks to speak about it with him. She says she doesn’t realize him well. He says every so often its less difficult to speak about their issues with strangers than own circle of relatives and friends. She asks if he loves mummy even now. Anuj receives nervous. Pakhi says papa made errors and her dad and mom separated, however she is glad that each her dad and mom live beneathneath equal roof and wishes them to be round her always. He says each toddler wishes her dad and mom to be together along with her and she or he isn’t always selfish,

in truth even now he hopes his dad and mom had been with him. She says he is familiar with him well. He says she want now no longer fear that he’s simply her mom’s buddy and their friendship will in no way intrude among them. She thank you him. He extends friendship hand. She says he’s lots elder to her. He says thank god that she didn’t name him antique man, friendship relies upon on compatibility and now no longer age. Pakhi shakes hand and says most effective if he speaks in ordinary language. He laughs and hugs her. Anu receives glad when you consider that at the same time as Vanraj receives extra jealous. Pakhi says her papa isn’t always a horrific person. He says human beings aren’t horrific, however time is. She thank you him again. Vanraj angrily calls her and pampers her.

After Anu’s interplay with media, her group cheers her up. Vanraj walks to her and stands observing her. Anu asks him to talk what’s in his mind. Vanraj says he doesn’t want her permission to talk and turned into simply watching for pooja to end. Anu warns him to observe his words. Vanraj shouts returned at him. Anu says neither she nor Anuj realize telepathy, so Vanraj ought to talk as opposed to observing them. Vanraj says speakme not directly through shayari is a susceptible person’s sign. Anuj says satisfied to realize that, he ought to be unique now. Vanraj suggests Anuj’s despatched letter and says its both bribe or charity, Vanraj Shah doesn’t like each. Anu asks him to mention me as opposed to taking his call time and again as its weird. Anuj asks if that is that? Vanraj says that is that.. Anuj says he doesn’t by myself take company’s selections and is taken with the aid of using a group of experts, they have to have favored his enterprise thought and despatched him a letter; every time a begin up receives a investor, they thank or deny him, however he’s a primary entrepreneur to insult his investor.

Vanraj shouts he insulted him alternatively and is appearing as generous. GK hopes Anuj keeps his calm. Anuj offers instance of splendor peasant contestant who act as though they didn’t take part in opposition after they lose, says Vanraj is appearing equal and forgot that he himself visited his workplace and submitted his thought, why did he come while he needed to create this drama. Vanraj says he got here to compete there and now no longer for comfort prize. Anu says they are able to communicate approximately it in workplace. He says while the whole thing is going on right here in open, why ought to they talk it among workplace’s four walls. Anu and Anuj angrily right away warn him.

Vanraj laughs and says they proved his doubt, they desired him to break out from their manner with this charity and they are able to do anything they want. Anuj says he proved that no one can forestall him from talk and desires he speaks realistic every time he opens his mouth subsequent. Vanraj says he speaks reality and large businessman like him thinks most effective approximately profits. Anu asks what’s his income in it. Vanraj says his largest income is status in the front of him, Anu. Anu and Anuj feels disgusted together along with his concept.

Precap: Vanraj burns Anuj’s provide letter and shouts he will have an open affair with Anu. Anuj receives angry.


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