Anupama 6th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama returns to family after her verbal debate with kavya. Vanraj asks what happened.

Anu says not anything and asks them all why they appearance so serious. She performs baa’s favourite music saath samandar paar mai tere.. Tune and make all of them dance. Vanraj asks what did kavya say. Kavya says its between her and kavya. Kavya switches off tune, disturbing each one. She tells baa and bapuji that she desires to gift them some thing on their 50th wedding anniversary, returns belongings papers transferred again into bapuji’s call, and says anupama made her recognise that circle of relatives is everything, so she needs circle of relatives’s happiness and v’s love. She apologizes anyone and asks vanraj if he is happy now.

Vanraj smiles. Anuj asks anu if she is record. She says ye. He says kavya spent a couple of minutes along with her modified absolutely for top. Anu says kavya loves mr shah and for this reason changed. He says she modified her. She says she will be able to apprehend kavya’s feeling like several lady and explains a girl’s worry in her in-legal guidelines’ residence, etc. He says its good that her this residence’s hassle solved and she or he can concentrate on him, he way paintings and herself. She says she will go to her parents’ residence freely now, she can even concentrate on their enterprise. He pokes his finger in his eye by mistake. She scolds him and applies heat compressed from her sari. Baa calls anu, and that they disperse. Baa thank you absolutely everyone for organizing their fiftieth wedding anniversary. Kavya taunts they got back their residence as wedding ceremony present, what else they want. Vanraj says she made his mother and father happy, so he wants to present her some thing. She excitedly opens envelope and stands shocked.

Vanraj gives an evil smile and asks how is his return present. She says divorce. He shouts sure divorce, he turned into looking forward to his parents’ wedding ceremony and its time to rebreak his wedding ceremony. She shouts if he has long past mad. He says he turned into mad to marry her and luckily he realized his mistake quickly; she will be able to keep their residence, financial institution stability, cafeteria, and car and signal these divorce papers. She says he can’t forcefully divorce her without any good judgment. He says where turned into her logic when she forcefully married her, marriage was her selection and divorce is his choice. She blames anupama as regular and says provoked v towards her. She whisks anu and shouts how dare she is to initiate her husband. Anu says its her and her husband’s problem and she shouldn’t involve her.

Kavya maintains whisking anu. Anuj warns her to dare no longer contact anu. Kavya shouts if he’ll hit her. Vanraj pulls her away and warns her now not guilty anu as its his decision. Kavya says they each deliberate all this, they became bff and provoked her to do all this and now got here up with this divorce drama. Vanraj warns her to close up. Anu confronts her to prevent blaming her as she has fallen into her very own dug pit. Kavya keeps shouting. Anuj warns her to dare contact anu again. She asks what is going to he do. He warns that she didn’t see his anger yet, he’ll make certain that she go through anywhere she is going. She receives silent. Vanraj says this is how she understands things. She shouts she will be able to not sign divorce papers and tears them. He grins, brings any other reproduction, and says he has made a couple of copies and she will be tired tearing them, so its better she signal them.

Precap: kavya pleads vanraj no longer to leave her. She says their tale ended right here and walks away. Dolly requests anu to talk to bhai once..


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