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Nandini sees samar on foot on road alas and asks where is he going sadly. He says one should look at profile along side messages and pictures on social media. She receives confused and slips. He runs and holds her. At domestic, anu whilst running in kitchen with baa and kinjal tells them that samar will realise their marvel party if she prepares his birthday cake in kitchen. Baa says she will prepare it on terrace. Samar hearing that asks if he can convey cake. Baa says no, anu says he can and bring a few snacks also as youngsters find it irresistible. Vanraj smilingly says he will bring even sugar-free cream rolls for bapuji so that anu doesn’t scold him for having candies. Baa thinks people change over time. At nandini’s residence, samar nurses her sprain scolding her to be careful. She showers plant life on him. He excited asks if she remembered his birthday.

She says she best recollects three things, him, his talks, and his birthday. She unveils a surprise cupcake and feeds him making a song glad birthday to you. He fortuitously thank you her. Vanraj receives ready for samar’s birthday party. Kavya hugs him from in the back of and asks if he is getting equipped for her. He says no. She says human beings and courting change so quickly, kinjal turned into in her favor the day past and these days she change. Vanraj says relationships cannot be bound. She asks what is family conspiring towards her. He says why she gives a lot importance to herself, there are different matters beyond her. She asks what are they making plans. He asks her to come back down if she wants to recognise. Samar remembers every occasion. She hugs him and apologizes for now not wishing him closing night time as she didn’t need to intervene among his family. He says to start with she is also his circle of relatives. She says not yet and asks what’s different component. He says no one remembered his birthday, no longer even mummy. Kavya sees own family decorating residence and asks if there’s someone’s birthday these days. Meenu says its samar’s bhaiya’s birthday nowadays. Kavya acting astonished says samar isn’t always a child and has a lady friend. Baa warns her no longer to speak about female friend in open. Kavya says samar ought to birthday celebration along with his pals in a membership and not at home. She similarly asks in the event that they need her help. Kinjal asks to help them in ornament. Kavya says she didn’t like this infantile ornament. Dolly asks her to educate them on 1 wall, they may comply with her.

Kavya nervously says even this is higher and asks if they offered gift for samar. Vanraj says he already offered one. Kavya asks how ought to he without consulting her. He says he knows what his son needs, earlier anu used to convey some present and write his name on it; he asks kavya to get ready and join them. She says good enough and is going to her room. Sanjay seeing samar coming indicators every person and all of them disguise. As soon as samar enters, all of them desire him at once and surprise him. He luckily touches elders’ toes and prevents at vanraj. Vanraj smilingly pampers him. He touches vanraj’s ft, hugs youngsters, and he forgot its his birthday today. Anu says he changed into hinting all of them when you consider that morning. Bapuji says there’s one extra wonder for him. Mamaji enters announcing he’s lower back. Samar happily jumps with him and touches his feet. Mamaji jokes as typical. Nandini walks in subsequent. Baa gets indignant seeing her. Kavya returns. Mamaji jokes again. Pakhi says its dance time now. Family dances on chote tera birthday aaya.. Song. After dance, anu cries emotionally. Samar additionally cries and wipes her tears. She says she recalls as if its the day gone by that she braided his hair.

He says it become early life. Baa says she used to do equal with vanraj. Anu says he used to bop in her lap even in formative years and he or she realized then itself that he has long past on her, he is the praise for all his suitable rewards. Mamaji jokes again. Vanraj brings cake. Kavya name callings if he introduced cake from his cafe as he receives employee discount. He says its because of precise fine there, he never compromised on his youngsters’s happiness till now and will in no way within the destiny. Kavya scoffs big talks fit on human beings with large pay package. Dolly reverts lower back saying big talks healthy on people with large heart otherwise kavya’s bundle is large, but she speaks so reasonably-priced. Kavya reminds that she is her bhabhi. Dolly reminds her that vanraj is her husband. Kavya says she is speaking as though husband is a god. Anu says even she doesn’t recall husband as god, however she should respect bhai. Anu requests now not to combat today. Samar cuts cake at the same time as every person sing happy birthday and feeds them all. Kavya gets jealous seeing that. Samar asks his presents.

Each family member gift him gifts. He fortuitously thanks them. Vanraj gifts him guitar and needs him glad birthday. Samar emotionally accepts it and thanks him. Vanraj asks if he favored it. Samar luckily nods yes. Baa says let us see what samar’s mother will gift him. Toshu says unique present as samar is mummy’s special baby. Anu says she brought a present for him after searching it loads, however his gift is with baa. Baa asks what present. Anu says blessings and requests her to bless and take delivery of samar and nandini’s happiness. Baa receives irritated. Nandini switches off lighting and playing tu aata hai seene me mimics all their preliminary meetings

precap: vanraj items samar an insurance coverage which he offered at samar’s first birthday. Kavya noticing that asks what had been they discussing. Vanraj says when his son’s mother didn’t question him till now, how can she query him being his 2nd spouse. Anu tells kavya that you could cost love most effective after turning into a mother.


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