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Anupama while getting ready aamras inquires as to whether he is fine. He says indeed, why she is inquiring? She says he concurred for Samar and Nandini’s commitment. He says he had contradicting previously, yet not currently; life some of the time takes a turn that their reasoning changes and they think just certain; in any case Samar won’t listen him, so its better he doesn’t become Amrish Puri. She says yes. He says its better to complete commitment in this retreat as opposed to booking another later. She says they need to persuade Baa first and afterward look for Nandini and her folks’ authorization. He says the two of them will persuade Baa, he will address Nandini’s folks and Kavya. She asks Kavya would feel terrible on the off chance that he discusses Samar and Nandini’s commitment rather than his and Kavya’s commitment. He inquires as to whether she needs her child’s satisfaction or not. She says yes. He salutes her and she says even him. He leaves grinning like a teen. She thanks god that her Samar’s commitment is occurring in a major hotel and expectation any issue doesn’t happen. She joyfully moves on Aaj Main Upar Aasman Neeche.. tune and plans aamras. Kavya gets desirous seeing Anu’s joy and Vanraj’s developing closeness with her and figures she can comprehend what’s going on among V and Anu, at that point takes a gander at Anu’s tied string and recollects her guarantee.

Vanraj quietly hears Dr. Advaith playing bansuri. Advaith sees him and asks when did he come. Vanraj says now and again back and apologizes for upsetting him. Advaith says not in the slightest degree and says his mom used to clarify him force of music, however he never used to trust her; one day his companion who used to play guitar broke it on his head during their battle, at that point he understood force of music. Vanraj says he is otherworldly and entertaining. Advaith says he is amusing in light of the fact that he is profound, they shouldn’t treat life appropriately or, in all likelihood it is hard to relax. Vanraj says he additionally needed to get familiar with some instrument, however life didn’t give him a possibility. Advaith requests that he learn it now as there is no an ideal opportunity for learning. Vanraj says he is likewise finding out about existence and relationship and following them, so he came to look for his consent to perform commitment in his retreat. Advaith says why not, one shouldn’t take authorization for festivity. Vanraj says he has something which everybody want. Advaith jokes his velvety hair. Vanraj giggles and says he was discussing fellowship. Advaith says then he needs to address him like a companion. Vanraj says he is truly Krishna, everybody’s companion.

Anu sees Baa looking by means of binocular and inquires as to whether she brought it even here. Baa says she is keeping an eye on maide ki katori/Kavya. Anu says she needs to acknowledge Kavya as her bahu some way or another. Baa says her child won’t wed Kavya. Anu takes care of her aamras and she gabs. Kavya cries in envy hearing their discussion. Anu takes aamras for Kavya and says she kept mangoes in water for long, so she won’t get pimples. She inquires as to whether he heard Baa’s discussion. Kavya gestures yes. Anu apologizes for Baa’s sake. Kavya sees Anu’s home and name plate and says she is envious of Anu as she is meandering for a home and Anu on the opposite side gets a home any place she goes, she is squirming for connections and surprisingly a breaking relationship runs towards Anu. Anu says she shouldn’t be desirous as soon she will be hitched. Kavya says because of Anu’s sickness, things might be deferred. Anu says perhaps things may accelerate; she came here to call Vanraj and herself stalled out; she knows its troublesome, yet she should confide in her and have tolerance.

Vanraj messages Kavya to meet him at poolside. She meets him and inquires as to for what reason did he call her here. He says to talk. She insults on the off chance that he is liberated from focusing on Anupama and getting a charge out of mangoes with her. He says he called her to examine about Nandini and Samar as he and Anu have chosen to perform Samar and Nandini’s engagment in this retreat. She asks what in stun.. He says he is worried about Anu’s ailment and before any major issue emerges in reports, she needs to keep her glad. She says Anu will be fine. He says he needs Anu to be fine and cheerful. She says even they can get connected here. He inquires as to whether she is crazy, how might they wed without separate. She says she can’t stand by till Anu passes on or their separation occurs or she eases off from separate. He yells enough, she is self centered to the point that she isn’t made a big deal about other’s life. She yells he is just stressed over Anu’s satisfaction. He says he is. She says he is deferring their marriage and is playing out other’s marriage all things being equal. He says she can think anything she desires, he came to advise her and not take consent. She asks when will they wed. He says after separate. She asks when will it occur. He says after Anu recovers. She yells it would seem that they will wed solely after Anu kicks the bucket. He lifts hand out of resentment, however stops.

Anu seeing that stops him and dares him not to slap Kavya. He says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what Kavya told. Kavya says she advised it out of frustration. Anu says he can’t hit a lady and should quiet down or himself leave that place, he can’t hit her; why men figure they can handle ladies, and in the event that they could, they would have a far off; if a man hits a lady, it harms his masculinity all things being equal. She inquires as to why they battle like children and requests that he control his indignation or, in all likelihood he will be left with no relationship, effectively a messed up relationship is remaining before him and he should take an exercise from it for another relationship. She at that point reprimands Kavya that old Anu was powerless, however Kavya even subsequent to being present day attempting to show herself as vulnerable; she ought to have gone against Vanraj when she realizes she is correct; Vanraj’s hand never fell on her cheeks, yet she was slapped on her self esteem. She proceeds and says she came here to take curry leaves and saw this, they are not children to be encouraged and should end this battle; like curry leaves’ taste is with curry and not the only one, life’s taste is with connections and not the only one. She leaves. Vanraj apologizes Kavya and leaves saying she shouldn’t have wanted Anu’s demise. Kavya apologizes god and says she really doesn’t need Anu to kick the bucket.

Vanraj follows Anu in a transporter and solicitations her to sit as her wellbeing may deteriorte and she is winded. She sits in. She says he ought to apologize Kavya all things being equal. He says its Kavya’s mix-up who needs him to leave Anu at this stage when she needs him most and wed her. Anu says she needn’t bother with anybody’s assistance, particularly him, so he ought not make a big deal about her and handle his and Kavya’s relationship all things considered. Around evening time, Anu and Vanraj while lying on bed think back entire day’s occurrence. Hamari Adhuri Kahani… tune plays behind the scenes. Kavya additionally awakens thinking back Vanraj attempting to slap her. Samar in rest inquires as to whether nothing will happen to mummy. Vanraj says no. Baa in rest cautions Anu not to bite the dust or, in all likelihood she will slaughter her. Anu grins.

Precap: Lawyer advises Anu and Vanraj about separate from date. Vanraj says he would not like to take separate. Kavya yells he needs to take separate. Anu educates Vanraj that Baa has kept pooja tomorrow to discover Samar and Nandini’s commitment date and day after tomorrow they will go to court for separate.


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