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Anupama rushes to Shah residence blabbering its proper these days is Sunday and week off otherwise it’d had been tough for kids by myself to address wedding ceremony arrangements. She prays tulsi plant to maintain rain away these days. Kavya receives jealous seeing her and thinks of clearing her dues with Anupama. Anu and Dolly get Baa prepared as a bride. Baa says someday mom receives a daughter prepared and someday a daughter receives her mom prepared, its a circle of existence. They each say she is asking very beautiful. Vanraj receives Bapuji prepared as a groom and says its proper that Bapuji’s destiny isn’t sick like him concerning marriage. Bapuji says one has to address issues, even he must. Vanraj receives a message that his parcel has arrived. Baa receives emotional. Anu asks now no longer to cry these days and maintain smiling. Bapuji enters wedding ceremony venue dancing on Sajanji Ghar Aaye.. track with a swag. Family joins and dances with him. Anu plays Baa and Bapuji’s aarti. GK asks Anuj if he’s feeling jealous seeing Anu and Vanraj collectively. He says they’re collectively for kids and own circle of relatives and he doesn’t mind. Baa and Bapuji alternate garlands and rejoice their golden jubilee wedding ceremony anniversary. Family needs them to be collectively for any other 50 years.

Anuj offers them a present and needs them glad golden jubilee wedding ceremony anniversary. He says they must make this couple play a game. They agree. He offers them ropes and asks them to make a knot with 1 hand to assess their compatibility. They succeed. Everyone clap for them. Samar calls every person for a set picture. Vanraj stands maintaining his hand on Anu’s shoulder in the back of Baa and Bapuji. Kavya receives jealous and pulls her out. Vanraj receives indignant and asks why is she misbehaving. Kavya says Anu misbehaved together along with her at some stage in Toshu’s wedding ceremony whilst she slapped and kicked her out of residence, then Anu become a gharwali/insider and herself baharwali/insider, now she is gharwali and Anu baharwali. Kinjal says it become a distinctive scenario that time. Vanraj says she must communicate later. Kavya insists to speak proper now. Anu says they must communicate in a room in place of spoiling Baa and Bapuji’s wedding ceremony anniversary otherwise she can be able to display her vintage avatar again. Kavya says that is her residence and he or she will take her to a room and drags Anu along, remembering Anu doing same. Family feels embarrassed with Kavya’s misbehavior. Anuj says he is aware of he shouldn’t comment, however kavya’s misbehavior with Anu is wrong.

Kavya takes Anu to her bedroom. Anu recalls Vanraj’s betrayal. Kavya says she need to be having hassle on this room. Anu says she has hassle through coming right here with out a reason. Kavya asks then why she barges into her residence and existence with out a reason. Baa tells Bapuji that scenario become stabilizing with terrific difficulty, however Kavya commenced it again. Anu says she is right here for Baa and Bapuji’s wedding ceremony anniversary. Kavya says why she is continually right here in place of working, she is a companion of a huge company, even the she and her boyfriend are right here all of the time. Anu replies that they paintings and now no longer act like her. Kavya shouts why she hijacked all her birthday party thoughts and took over each arrangements. Anu says that’s due to the fact Kavya couldn’t and incapable, she doesn’t like seeing her and Vanraj’s faces, however comes right here for own circle of relatives’s sake. Kavya asks then she shouldn’t come. Anu says she can be able to now no longer if she takes cares of Baa, Bapuji, and kids, however she is busy conning them. Kavya says its clean for her to mention this as she had a residence. Anu says she hadn’t grabbed a residence through conning and betrayal like her. Kavya says she desired protection. Anu says she were given protection now, then why she is frightened of dropping it; she is dropping her own circle of relatives or even Vanraj together along with her heinous act. Kavya shouts there’s not anything like that. Anu says there’s. Kavya shouts you blo*dy embarrasser, simply close up.

Anu choices her telecellsmartphone and checking its which means and says she may want to without delay say a idiot in Hindi in place of the usage of hifi English phrases; asks if she is completed together along with her argument and offers gyaan that to maintain Mr Shah glad, she desires to maintain his own circle of relatives glad otherwise she could be left by myself. Kavya shouts she doesn’t want a own circle of relatives. Anu says she desires a own circle of relatives in happiness and sorrows and as soon as she receives vintage, she desires a own circle of relatives; one desires four human beings to bury them whilst they’re dead; she must forestall her heinous acts otherwise could be left by myself. Vanraj receives a courier. Anu keeps that she continues to be younger and should purchase four extra homes together along with her difficult paintings as no one is benefitted after stealing someone’s stuff, she alternate earlier than its too past due and recall her phrases otherwise will destroy down.

Precap: Vanraj gives divorce papers to Kavya and says Baa and Bapuji’s remarriage has finished, its time for his breakup again…..


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